TYNGSBORO (CBS) — A Dracut man was arrested after Tyngsboro Police said he was impersonating an officer while armed with a loaded gun for which he didn’t have a license.

They also say they don’t think this was the first time he was caught pretending to be law enforcement–and they’re asking the public if they recognize him from similar incidents.

Kevin Lessard, 45, was charged with misdemeanor impersonating a police officer, as well as felony charges for carrying a firearm without a license, unlawful possession of ammunition, and carrying a dangerous weapon.

“This was a very dangerous situation,” Tyngsboro Police Chief Richard Howe said in a statement. “In this case, we have a suspect armed with an illegal handgun and a police-style baton, acting like a police officer, with lights on his vehicle. Thankfully, our officers arrived quickly and ensured that no one was harmed.”

He was arrested around 3:26 p.m. Saturday after Tyngsboro Police got a report about a car with flashing lights parked near another car near Vesper Country Club.

A gun and baton police said Lessard had when arrested. (Tyngsboro Police)

A gun and baton police said Lessard had when arrested. (Tyngsboro Police)

Police said Lessard was driving a red Ford Crown Victoria with New Hampshire license plates and white flashing lights in the rear windows.

An image from video showing the vehicle an alleged police officer impersonator used in Tyngsboro. (Photo credit: Tyngsboro Police)

An image from video showing the vehicle an alleged police officer impersonator used in Tyngsboro. (Photo credit: Tyngsboro Police)

They found him pulled off Pawtucket Boulevard next to a 2016 Dodge Dart that had broken down.

“He had told the operator, he had walked up to the operator and told her that he would stand by and wait with her until a tow truck arrived,” Tyngsboro Police Chief Richard Howe said.

That’s when someone passing by called police, sensing that something didn’t look quite right.

“Our officers responded immediately, made contact with the operator who immediately approached our officers. Very quickly, a conversation ensued between the officers. The subject was frisked and a loaded handgun was found on him,” Chief Howe said.

When police asked if Lessard was armed, he said he was carrying a firearm. Officers found a loaded 9mm pistol and seven bullets in his pocket. They said he did not have a license to carry a firearm.

They also found a retractable, police-style baton and a black holster for the pistol.

The chief does say Lessard never exactly told the woman or his officers that he was a policeman, but he says it was implied.

“The circumstances and the conversations that he had which I don’t want to get into the details. He had a particular conversation with the operator that led the operator to believe that he was a police officer,” Howe said.

Lessard was ordered held without bail, and is expected to be arraigned in Lowell District Court Monday.

Tyngsboro Police are asking anyone who might have had a similar interaction with Lessard to contact them.

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  1. I have known Kevin for over 20 years. I know he would stop to help ANYONE in trouble. That is just his personality. And he worked for a towing company for a long time, so helping people who are broken down is probably 2nd nature. The loaded gun ? And flashing lights ? well… I can’t answer that. Kevin would never do anything to hurt anyone. I trust Kevin with my life, and the lives of my 2 children children. I HIGHLY doubt he was intentionally impersonating an officer. That is just not something he would do. There is more to this story.

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