BOSTON (CBS/AP) — Gov. Charlie Baker’s administration says it’s prepared to increase state funds for Planned Parenthood clinics if Congress blocks Medicaid funding for the organization.

A spokeswoman for the Republican governor said Baker strongly supports women’s health and believes Massachusetts has a responsibility to make sure Planned Parenthood services remain available for all state residents.

“Governor Baker is a strong supporter of women’s health and believes the Commonwealth has a responsibility to ensure access to the important health care services offered by Planned Parenthood in all corners of our state, and the administration is prepared to fund these services should the federal government pursue changes that would block care for women and families here in Massachusetts,” said Lizzy Guyton, communications director for Gov. Baker.

A draft of a Republican proposal to replace the federal Affordable Care Act would stop federal payments to the clinics which provide health services to women, including abortions. The bill has not been finalized.

In a statement, the organization praised Baker’s comments.

I thank Governor Baker for his commitment to the health and wellbeing of Planned Parenthood patients. Yet no Governor should be put in position of trying to mitigate attacks on women in his or her state made by Congress. At a time when extreme politicians in Congress want to block millions of people from accessing essential preventive care at Planned Parenthood health centers, it is reassuring to see Governor Baker put the health and well-being of our communities ahead of politics. Governor Baker’s support for Planned Parenthood’s patients makes clear that women’s health, sexual and reproductive health, and access to affordable health care are all non-partisan issues. I hope his fellow Republican colleagues in Washington, D.C. take note of Governor Baker’s leadership and follow suit.

The organization says clinics in Massachusetts could lose about $2 million in Medicaid reimbursements if the plan were adopted.

Planned Parenthood supporters, including Democratic members of Congress, plan a rally on Boston Common Saturday to protest funding cuts.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Karyn Regal reports

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Comments (4)
  1. State officials should be arrested for not following federal orders and laws.

  2. Planned parenthood is about murdering unborn child. I do not want my tax dollars bloodied by this sinful act.

  3. This issue is to me an instance where it is evident that American citizens do not know how to compromise at all. Pro Lifers and Pro Choice have to coexist in this country. It’s one thing to say, every person has a right to decide for themselves what they do with their body. I don’t disagree with that. That is their own conscience and not a decision that can be made for them. It’s quite another to force Pro Life Americans to allow their tax dollars to support abortion rights.

    That is the exact point where the compromise has to be made. You want to make your own decisions about your body that other citizens do not support, and then expect those citizens to pay for your decisions? No – that is not right and it is wanting everything your own way with no regard for how other Americans who don’t see it the same way you do, struggle over it.

    I oppose spending tax money on planned parenthood. Especially in light of the scandal over human tissue that came out last year. A completely horrifying situation to many people. If Pro Choice supporters want to fund Planned Parenthood – that’s your right. You are free to do that, with PRIVATE funds. Not tax money – unless it can be done in such a way that someone whose conscience does not support abortion can opt out of it. Like organ donors on driver’s licenses, there should be a check box on your tax return that does not include your taxes in funds that go to that purpose. Otherwise – private funds only.

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