DEDHAM (CBS) – Two people were injured when a car crashed into the lobby of a Star Market in Dedham Friday afternoon.

The car drove over the sidewalk and through the front doors of the grocery store off Route 1 at about 4:30 p.m.

A car crashed into a Star Market in Dedham (Image from Sean Connolly)

A car crashed into a Star Market in Dedham (Image from Sean Connolly)

Fire officials say an elderly woman was driving the Toyota Camry involved in the crash. She and a male passenger suffered minor injuries and were taken to the hospital. An off-duty EMT at the store helped the woman out of the car after the crash.

Investigators believe the woman was driving in the parking lot when she struck another car, lost control and may have mistakenly hit the gas pedal. The owner of the car that was struck in the parking lot was forced to run out of the way. She went to the hospital to be treated for minor injuries.

“This lobby is the entrance and the exit of the store so it was very fortunate there were no other people in that lobby when this happened,” said Dedham Fire Lt. Michael Lessard.

The car smashed through the glass doorway and hit a wall, causing significant damage to the store. Firefighters removed the entire front glass doorway after the crash.

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  1. Stan Bowers says:

    Driving while elderly. Hit a parked car, almost ran over the owner, then went through thew front of the store. Guess the “accelerator got stuck”, right? When are these gutless politicians going to finally do something about elderly drivers?

  2. Used to always be Buicks going through stores, now its usually a Camry.

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