BOSTON (CBS) – Democratic Congressman Stephen Lynch of Massachusetts said President Donald Trump’s address to Congress was a “significant shift” from previous rhetoric coming from the White House, adding also that the president has been treated unfairly by the media in recent months.

“I think his words were a significant shift from his previous, sometimes inflammatory rhetoric. I thought he was much more conciliatory,” Lynch told WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Joe Mathieu. “He urged us at one part to get past the trivial differences and work together. That’s not been his mode of operating, at least up until this point.”

Despite the shift, Lynch said he remains “highly skeptical of (Trump’s) rhetoric” during the address.

Specifically, Lynch said he does not understand how Trump plans to reduce taxes while also funding education, replacing Obamacare, building a wall on the Mexican border and increasing military spending.

Lynch also questioned Trump’s continued claim that he will “drain the swamp,” when the Congressman says the president has “actually filled the swamp” by continuing to hire Goldman Sachs executives to cabinet positions.

The Massachusetts Congressman said press coverage of the Trump administration has been unfair, adding that it negatively impacted the credibility of several media outlets during the campaign.

“I don’t think he’s been treated fairly in the media. I really don’t,” Lynch said. “I thought that one of the biggest casualties of this past election was the credibility of the media. I read probably six or seven newspapers a day, my staff sends me the clips, and there was just a steady drumbeat of attacks against Donald Trump.

“It seemed like some press outlets became completely unshackled from responsible journalism.”

Following Trump’s address to Congress, Lynch said the most important thing for the president to achieve is uniting the nation.

“We’ll just have to wait and see if his actions are similar to the speech last night, or more akin to what we’ve seen thus far,” Lynch said.

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Comments (52)
  1. Draining the swamp is in reference to congress along with the executive. And unlike the normal pols, The Don has dealt with those GS execs from across the table, not under the table, so the possibility of his actually picking someone competent rather than paying off a campaign debt is very high.

  2. Greg Maxwell says:

    Stop worrying about Trump and put on your big-boy pants and be part of the solution.

    1. You wrote “Stop worrying about Trump and put on your big-boy pants and be part of the solution.”

      I believe what you said is exactly what most normal Americans want.

      Among these normal Americans are thousands of Democrats, not just Republicans and Independents.

      But the Democratic Party has been kidnapped by the Elites, who are more invested in supporting the rights of illegal aliens than in supporting the well being of fellow Americans.

      These Elite are just a few, but they have the DNC-pan by the handle.

    2. Trump is a spoiled little baby man though with temper tantrums and the attention span of a gnat. He will likely be in prison soon though or at least impeached or resign.

  3. Bob Suyak says:

    He doesn’t understand because he is a politician, who usually spend a lot of time and energy pulling their thumb out of their butts before they even start doing some work.

  4. Mike says:

    I’m not surprised this guy and the Dems don’t understand what Trump’s doing. It makes sense. They’ve been in control for years and the country is in a shambles. They need to move aside and let people who can fix things fix them.

    1. That is hilarious. The country greatly improved under Obama after becoming a wreck under Bush. Bush had a 23% approval rating for good reasons. It was also much better off under Clinton than either Bush or Reagan.

  5. Actually, his words were exactly the same. The problem has been that the Democrats and media have not been honest about what he said.

  6. Jeff Fleiss says:

    Drink all the Kool-Aid that you want it is not going to change all the harm being done. Drain the swamp ✓ Protect the environment ✓ Treat people fairly ✓ Unite the people ✓ Make America great again ✓ If you haven’t noticed all of Trump’s actions have been the opposite so far.

  7. The MSM are now blogs. You might as well get your news from any other blog.

  8. Well, when you reduce taxes, citizens have more money and will spend or save. Thus, creating more jobs, thus taxes. Oh,and the swamp is referring to all the live long teat sucking bureaucrats that bog down our government and only care about keeping their job, not what’s best for the country. That’s why the counties around DC are some of the wealthiest.

  9. Oh No those live broadcast really open some eyes do they NOT??????????? Kind of hard to do Spin in the middle of a live event, Unless it is filmed and one can cut and paste…….

  10. Oh NOoo! he is alive and talking: Suggest just listening one might just learn something… BUT hint not the Liberal Saturday night live liberal view of the world, 13 years at war Why?? Watch Saturday night live they Know??????? Everything do they not?????

  11. Kurt Smith says:

    As a lib, it’s only natural that he cannot comprehend how we can spend to fix things without raising taxes. As a lib, thoughts of reduced spending in other areas,cutting back government size and even eliminating agencies occurs only in their nightmares. The Don’s got his hands full for sure.

  12. Why do democrats say unkind words about successful businessmen, when Trump talks of draining the swamp. he is talking about CONGRESS!

  13. Tony Johnson says:

    Of course Lynch doesn’t understand how President Trump will “reduce taxes while also funding education, replacing Obamacare, building a wall on the Mexican border and increasing military spending.” The Democrats couldn’t even understand how to run a country for the past 8 years. That’s why America’s in the mess it’s in.

  14. Tim Lucas says:

    To make the country a success you don’t start out hiring idiots. You hire success. Liberals are liars. Always have been and will always be nothing but liars. The divide was there before Trump and more than likely after Trump. You just can’t fix liberals so why try? We have always been a split country but it’s just more evident with the net and the bias never more obvious than it is today. When Trump is done it will be either obvious we are a country hitting on all cylinders or so much obstruction we the people throw in the towel and let liberals take it to the dysfunctional level they are seeking similar to walking in McDonalds and spending half of the day trying to order a burger. Liberals quick to point the finger and give the finger but the answer is always more government and more spending and more taxing. All other liberal ideas are equally as bad. They are the only ideas they have. We are going somewhere so if you can’t lead then get the hell out of the way.

  15. Wow, a classy intelligent Democrat. You don’t see that very often.

    1. Bart Drennon says:

      From Massachusetts, no less. Man bites dog.

  16. Sparky Mills says:

    Hoping that leftist democrats do what’s best for the country, instead of being petulant, is a futile effort.

  17. Scott Black says:

    “…Says Media Has Treated President Trump Unfairly ”

    Gee, do you think? And the News here is only stating the obvious. I’m beginning to become too cynical. News Man, I’m taking a break for awhile. Remember this, I hate you and literally everything you stand for.

  18. Hanson Smith says:

    I fully encourage the leftist MSM to continue with their non-stop leftist propaganda because it is accelerating their own demise, and the demise of the democrat party. Americans didn’t just reject Hillary and borak ubama this past election….they also harshly repudiated the manipulation and lies of the media.

  19. John Xonk says:

    The “Main Stream” Media such as NY Times, Wash Post, AP, ABC, CNN, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, Reuters, NPR LA Times, etc..and the Democrats is now one big combo of Communist Party, Sharia Law ISIS, La Raza, Black Panthers, Nation of Islam, Crooked Hillary and Muslim Brotherhood (Obama’s their Leader) all combined in one.

  20. Robert White says:

    Oh! Now this guy is a real brain trust.

  21. Cathy Lee says:

    If it wasn’t for the media going after Trump in the first place Trump wouldn’t have to have a counter punch. What part of this do people not understand?

  22. Bill Smith says:

    another idiot democrat who doesnt get it. my truck driver brother has more brains than most dems.

  23. Trump has already done more good for America than Obama did in eight years! Refreshing to have a POTUS that is not going around the world bowing, genuflecting and apologizing for America like Obama did!

  24. AJ Horn says:

    Trump has some liberal leanings that as a conservative give me pause. So I encourage Dems to continue their unhinged, emotional freak out, it makes it easier for me to sleep at night. I don’t have to worry about Trump working with you guys.

  25. chuckyschmucky says:

    He’s just acknowledging the obvious, indisputable truth.

    When it comes to the media, there are only two kinds of people: Those who know the media is corrupt; and those who LIKE that they are corrupt.

  26. Ray Leonard says:

    Since he believes trump is conciliatory I have some lake front property in the NM desert I would like to sell the Congressman.

  27. Iron Fist says:

    hes going over to the dark side

  28. The Dems think Trump’s speech is a “departure” from his previous views. Nope! These are what he has always stated as his views since he began running. Trump is by far the most consistent politician in my memory–and I’m older than dirt. The problem has been that the Lib Media just refuse to accurately report what Trump has said. One example: he said the FAKE news media is the enemy of Americans. So the fake news media immediately misreported that Trump said the media is the enemy of Americans.

    When the Lying Lib Media start reporting things accurately, maybe they will be believed. Until then, those with working brains ignore them.

  29. stevie lynch, mr useless rat

  30. The liberal dems are in an extreme state of denial and will be for at least 8 years.

    1. Who made this bogus list? It is hilarious.
      “Fully repeal Obamacare and replace it with Health Savings Accounts.
      In Progress”

      Problem is when he ran he said 100% government paid healthcare for all Americans. Now the claim is a savings account people can put their own money in for future medical insurance payments that they will not be able to afford. He promised healthcare for all and is trying to deliver a tax free piggy bank instead.

  31. Brent Taylor says:

    Here’s how you balance the budget and cut taxes, Mr. Libbie Congressman. First, growth = which is exactly what balanced the budget during the sad days of Slick Willy; a massive inflow of capital gains taxes, of which Clinton had nothing to do with.

    Second and just as important. Putting the military aside which we need to rebuild thanks to the feckless Obama, you cut about half the federal dead wood and lackeys making up Washington DC, and eliminate many of the useless Depts.

  32. ““We’ll just have to wait and see if his actions are similar to the speech last night, or more akin to what we’ve seen thus far,” Lynch said.”

    Trump has been doing exactly what he promised from his first day in office. Dims like Lynch just don’t want to admit the truth. They prefer their “alternative facts” AKA lies, deceptions and fake news.

  33. The media’s constant partisan attacks against Trump have flushed their credibility down the toilet and they’re never getting it back.

  34. “Lynch said the most important thing for the president to achieve is uniting the nation.” WRONG, the most important thing is to put Americans back to work.

  35. The way I see it is that President Trump wants insiders of business in his administration, just like the Federal Government uses computer hackers to find other hackers. These highly successful business leaders are now working for the people rather than for themselves. He has made sure of that.
    It only makes sense to me? It is funny how the Dem’s look at President Trump is a Republican when he was a Dem a longer length of time.
    This is the most Conservative administration has ever been, and hopefully more of the elite will run for President, that made their money the hard way. It is beneficial for the American people for them to do so.

  36. Andy Howe says:

    I find the list of Trump promises and status of each very helpful. Is there a similar list of Obama’s promises and which he fulfilled?

    1. Well, this list bogus so….

      Trump promised to unite the country and “end violence” his first week on the job, how did that go? Not on the list is it?

  37. Trumpler promised to pay off the entire national debt in 8 years (impossible of course). Then weeks alter said he would borrow to pay for infrastructure. Then weeks after said private companies would rebuild our infrastructure for just pennies on the dollar of tax credits.

    How can you track Trump’s “promises” when he changed his lies weekly during the campaign?

  38. I notice that half the comments here are about how much someone dislikes Trump or disagrees with him. I see this all the time in the comment sections. People aren’t actually reading the article or thinking and considering whether the topic is true or right. The topic was is the press biased? Are they treating Trump in an unfair way? You agree or disagree and why. How hard is that?

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