BOSTON (CBS) – A police officer was injured by a piece of falling scaffolding that came down in high winds Wednesday afternoon.

The Boston Police officer was working a detail on Milk Street when he was struck. The debris cut the officer’s head and may have broken his collarbone. The injuries are said to be minor.

“Out of nowhere the scaffolding falls, hits him on the head, probably gives him a concussion, definitely he’s bleeding and cut,” said witness Peter Howe.

Witnesses say there were high wind gusts in the area when the debris fell just before 1:30 p.m.

“It was a really windy day outside, so I saw that the scaffolding was a little shaky, I also saw that the flag on the Gap store down the street was whipping like crazy,” said Taylor Wilson who works at a nearby coffee shop.

The street was shut down for about 90 minutes after the incident and workers took down a section of scaffolding to make sure it was safe in the high winds.


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