BOSTON (CBS) — Celtics Managing Partner, Governor and CEO Wyc Grousbeck joined Felger & Mazz on Friday afternoon to talk about the aftermath of the NBA trade deadline and the team’s big-picture plans moving forward.

Grousbeck is admittedly not a “basketball guy” – he would delegate court questions toward president Danny Ainge or head coach Brad Stevens – but he certainly has a say in whether or not the Celtics would make a major trade. He said that the Celtics did try to make deals all the way up to the 3 p.m. trade deadline on Thursday, but simply weren’t able to agree on a deal with other teams.

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He believes that the Celtics would have made a big trade if they believed it would have given them a chance to win the NBA championship this season, but ultimately they are two players away from getting to that level, not one.

“I’m comfortable with [standing pat] yesterday, because we didn’t take [one step forward and] two steps back,” said Grousbeck. “We are going full speed as fast as we can to what we think is the next contending team. We aren’t interested in winning a round or two this year; we’d like to win the whole thing this year.

“If we saw a trade yesterday that would let us win the whole thing this year and push all the chips in, we would have – we didn’t see that trade. What we saw is some deals we didn’t want to do, so we’re going to keep our head down [and] try to add two more impact players as soon as we can.”

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Echoing Ainge’s comments made on Toucher & Rich on Friday, Grousbeck sees those two impact players likely coming in the form of a high draft pick and a max-deal free agent. He disagreed with Felger & Mazz’s idea that the Celtics either need to cash in all of their assets now or say goodbye to contending for a championship for the next several years.

“What we’ve agreed so far is that we’re going to keep [the 2017] Brooklyn pick until the lottery at least, and we’re going to see where it shakes out. … We could trade the pick after we make it. We can trade the pick on [draft] night. We could trade that guy in a year. … Let’s say we add a max free agent this summer, we pick a really good guy [in the draft], and then we make a trade next February for an impact player. Where did 2018 go in this plan? I don’t understand how making a draft pick is inconsistent with winning a championship as soon as possible.

“I think you guys are a little black and white on this one. I mean, I enjoyed listening to it, but I think there’s a middle ground.”

Listen to the full podcast below:

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