BOSTON (CBS) — The world is inching ever closer to Thursday’s NBA trade deadline. And with rumors flying all over the place, it’s worth asking: Are the Celtics actually going to do anything?

Celtics play-by-play voice Mike Gorman joined Toucher & Rich (with Hardy filling in for Fred) and said that if the Celtics do make a deal, it’d be for either Andrew Bogut or Jimmy Butler.

As for their chances of making no deal at all?

“Sixty [percent]. Maybe even higher than that. Maybe 70 [percent],” Gorman said. “When can you recall a team that, as we look right now with 25 games to go, has a pretty good chance of making the Eastern Conference Finals and having the No. 1 pick in the draft? That’s a great situation that Danny [Ainge] has put these guys in. I wouldn’t be in a rush to find a Band-Aid.”

While some fans may be disappointed if the Celtics don’t make a splash at the deadline, Gorman offered something to look forward to.

His name is Ante Zizic.

“Remember this kid Zizic overseas,” Gorman said of the Croatian whom the Celtics drafted 23rd overall in last year’s draft. “He’s had a good year. I’m reading things now that people are saying if he were in the draft right now, he’d easily be a top-10 draft pick. If he wasn’t Celtics property, I saw him projected as high as eight in one of these drafts.”

The 6-foot-11 Zizic turned 20 years old in January.

If Zizic doesn’t get Celtics fans’ juices flowing, there is still the possibility of a trade for Jimmy Butler or Andrew Bogut.

“Andrew Bogut’s a real possibility,” Gorman said. “[Andre] Drummond is a name that’s sort of popped up within the last 48 hours, although I can’t imagine Detroit would want to move him. But I think it’s Jimmy Butler or Andrew Bogut or nothing.

“I know Butler’s a very good player, but I’m really hesitant to what you would have to give up for Butler. If you could give up next year’s Brooklyn pick, I think the conversation continues. If Chicago sticks on this year’s Brooklyn pick, I wouldn’t make the deal myself.

“I think Bogut is a real possibility though. He fits the bill, he’d be cheap, you could probably get him for your own first-round pick either this year or next, he would help the Celtics a lot in the middle, he would fit the offense very well because he’s a very good passer. It would be a rent-a-player type of thing but it might be that he comes in here and plays and likes it and continues to stay here. But if I were making a line on who the Celtics are most likely to get in the next 48 hours, I would probably say Bogut.”

Listen to the full discussion, including why Gorman wouldn’t want the Celtics to trade away Jae Crowder, below:


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