BOSTON (CBS) — The head coach of a hockey team doesn’t always fill practice rinks with fans. But Montreal’s always been a bit different.

And so on Friday afternoon, fans packed the Canadiens practice facility for a chance to catch a glimpse of Claude Julien returning to the Canadiens. The visual appeal of watching a man coach a hockey team might not exactly rise to the level of being called a “spectator sport,” but that didn’t stop the fans from coming out in droves.

And though Claude became an integral part of the Bruins organization for 10 years, his appearance Friday in the Bleu, Blanc et Rouge showed just how quickly allegiances can change in professional sports.

Julien coached the Canadiens from 2003-06, his first head coaching job in the NHL, so it’s not entirely a new image. But still, after spending 10 years in Boston and becoming the franchise’s all-time winningest coach, the image is a bit jarring in Boston.