PLAISTOW, N.H. (CBS) – A lost and found wedding band is back on the hand of its rightful owner after it was spotted in a New Hampshire parking lot the day before the owner’s 30th wedding anniversary.

Veronica Guzman of Haverhill found the wedding ring in the parking lot of Autozone in Plaistow, N.H. on Monday.

Police were hoping to reunite the ring with its owner, especially since the inscription of “2-14-87” indicated the couple was likely celebrating its anniversary on Tuesday.

When Plaistow Police publicized the story, it reached the daughter of the ring’s owner, who wishes to remain anonymous.

On Thursday, the man proved to Plaistow Police that it was his ring. He provided further details about the inscription and showed a photograph of the reverse inscription on his wife’s ring.

The man said he took the ring off to work on an electric issue on his car in the parking lot.

“He cannot thank (Guzman) enough, adding that it is easy to believe the worst this day and age, but deep down most people really are good people who will do the right thing,” Plaistow Police said.


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