BOSTON (CBS) – The victim of a stabbing outside the CVS pharmacy in West Newton tells WBZ-TV he’s lucky to be alive.

In his only bedside interview 53-year-old Alexander Tetradze relives the horrible and sudden moment when he was stabbed twice in the head, one wound in the front of his head requiring 14 stitches, another in the back of his head requiring four stitches.

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“The moment is really scary when you all of a sudden realize that someone is behind you and hitting you with force in your head,” Tetradze said.

His accused attacker is 36-year-old Chad Kirby who was arraigned in Newton District Court for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. He was ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation.



Tetradze, a Russian translator, says he was leaving the West Newton Cinema where he saw the film “Things To Come” and they did.

“He didn’t say anything coherent, he was yelling things and mostly growling and roaring,” Tetradze said.

Witness Eddie Tong says the knife was at least ten inches long and he heard Kirby yelling, “I did it, I did it”.

According to the police report Kirby said he “just snapped”.

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Tetradze feels fortunate the chance encounter didn’t turn even more violent. “I feel really lucky he didn’t slash my throat, stab me in the heart or my eye or whatever,” he said. “He could have done anything.”

Tetradze says even in pain he’s feeling sympathy for Chad Kirby. “I feel really sorry for him, he obviously needs help,” he said.

And that’s a sentiment that no one knows better than those who love Chad Kirby.

“It’s probably one of the most painful things,” said Lauren Lawless, Kirby’s mother. “It’s hard for parents to see their child suffer.”

“Paranoid schizophrenics believe the world is out to harm them,” Lawless said. “That’s why Chad stabbed him. He thought he harmed him.”

Lauren Lawless said she’s tried everything to help her son since he was diagnosed at age seven but because of privacy laws, she’s become increasingly powerless over his treatment as an adult.

“Why is someone who is so mentally ill walking around with something like this? It seems almost irresponsible to me, because that man could have died,” Lawless said.

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Tetradze will spend a couple more days in the hospital while doctors monitor his bleeding.

Beth Germano