BOSTON (CBS) —  Does love really conquer all? If it’s up against cold, hard cash – true love may be choice number two.

According to a survey conducted by Survey Monkey and Money magazine, more people would choose the cash over love.

Predictably, those happily married are the least likely to choose money over true love. Alarmingly, though, barely more than half would choose true love over $1 million. The majority shifts to money when asking single, never married participants at 55%. Coming in at a whopping 71% opting for the money is those who are separated.

(It’s important to note that one cannot extricate money problems from this equation. Another question asked was if the participants had ‘anxiety’ about their money situation, of which around 70% answered ‘yes’, so that’s at play too.)

Here’s all that information wrapped up in a neat graphic.

Via Survey Monkey / Money

Can we call a love of money ‘true love’ at least? Count it, it’s a technicality but we still love something!