BOSTON (CBS) — It was a Game of Jones Tuesday as The Adam Jones Show played a round of “Over/Under” in the aftermath of the Patriots’ Super Bowl win – and the Bruins’ firing of head coach Claude Julien.

The over/under totals – and Jones’ answers – are below.

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Bruins games remaining in Neely/Sweeney front office: 27.5

“My hope is that it will go under that number,” said Jones. “My hope is that they miss the playoffs, they blow those two out of there – Sweeney and Neely – because I think they’re not as big of a problem. They’re a bigger problem than Claude Julien. I just think Julien is the easier attempted fix. So my hope is it’s less, but I bet it’s over.”

Number of Bruins head coaches over the next decade: 1.5

“It might be over that number in the next year,” said Jones. “They might fire Cassidy at the end of this year and then go to another coach. I’m definitely taking over that number.”

Championships for Boston sports teams in next 10 years: 2.5

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“How could you go under?” said Jones. “With the way that this city racks up championships, who in their right mind is taking the under? Who in their right mind is betting against this city winning another three championships in the next decade?”

Number of Patriots players who will skip White House visit: 5.5

“I’m going over,” said Jones. “It’s already two [players skipping the White House] and we’re two days past the Super Bowl. I’m going over 5.5. In this polarizing (to say the least) political environment, it’s going to be more than that.”

How many drinks Devin McCourty consumed during the parade: 6.5

“At least twice 6.5,” said Jones. “Let’s just state facts here. McCourty was as teed up as anybody up there [during the rally]. … That guy was feeling good up there. Over 6.5 drinks. Way over.”

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