BOSTON (CBS) — Super Bowl LI contained many epic plays and memorable moments in the fourth quarter and overtime alone, but Julian Edelman’s late-fourth-quarter catch was the play that will live on forever as perhaps the most miraculous play in Super Bowl history. The catch will be immortalized on this week’s Sports Illustrated cover and has produced some iconic photos.

Inside the NFL, however, revealed what the play sounded like on the field when it happened. Edelman was mic’d up at the Super Bowl and the show revealed his reaction to the play on Tuesday night. Edelman had no doubt that he made the catch, and the replay showed within seconds that he did.

Millions of viewers and fellow players were stunned that Edelman made that play – except Edelman himself.

Edelman has a rather jovial conversation about the catch with Falcons safety Brian Poole, considering the moment and the magnitude of the situation. “I caught it. Crazy. I swear,” Edelman says while smirking and shaking his head, while Poole looks at the replay in hopes that the ball touched the ground.

Amazingly, Edelman was able to get his hand underneath the ball to secure the catch with less than an inch of space between the ball and the turf. The catch kept the Patriots’ game-tying drive alive and, well, the rest is history.

Later, after James White had punched the ball into the end zone for the game-winning touchdown in sudden-death overtime, Edelman initially celebrated but gathered nearby teammates and calmed them down as they waited for the officials to review the play and confirm the touchdown. It was Bill Belichick who informed Edelman that the play was confirmed – and gave him permission to celebrate.

For fans in New England, clips like these will only make the Patriots’ victory sweeter.

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