HOUSTON (CBS) – The search continues for Tom Brady’s missing Super Bowl jersey, and police in Houston are preparing to offer a reward for its return.

Brady’s game-worn jersey went missing from his locker after the team’s win over the Atlanta Falcons.

On Tuesday, Houston Police said the case will be a priority given the potential value of the unique jersey.

ESPN reported that a jersey Brady wore during a game in 2014 sold for $57,000. Reports have indicated that the 5-time Super Bowl champion’s jersey from Sunday is worth much more.

Houston Police Chief George Buenik addresses the investigation into Tom Brady's missing jersey. (CBS)

Houston Police Chief George Buenik addresses the investigation into Tom Brady’s missing jersey. (CBS)

Crime Stoppers in Houston is preparing to offer a reward for information that leads to the return of Brady’s jersey.

“We’ve heard the media is reporting the jersey could be worth up to $500,000 of value for its significance,” Houston Police Chief George Buenik told reporters Tuesday. “We deem this a pretty important case. We want our top investigators on this case and hopefully we’ll make an arrest, but more importantly recover that jersey for Tom Brady.”

Have information on the missing jersey? Contact Houston Police or, Brady joked, just let him know.

“I put it in my bag, I came out and it wasn’t there anymore. That’s unfortunate because that’s a nice piece of memorabilia,” Brady told reporters at his MVP press conference on Monday. “If it shows up on eBay somewhere, someone let me know.”

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  1. Tax dollar at work, a police press conference over a freaking shirt.

  2. Doug Day says:

    It’s only worth 5 cents on the dollar cuz it’s so “hot”…30 years from now it may appear again through a fifth-party collector.

  3. JC Williams says:

    F*ck his stupid jersey. In all his superbowl greatness….Tom Brady missed a moment greater then all of them combined…..Owning up to his lies on Deflategate…he had a chance there and blew it….so F*ck him

    1. rc33 says:

      So it looks like Tony Dungy and “The Chosen One” Gump Manning were stealing signals all along. No league investigations, no pealties, no smearing…nothing.
      But the best part is Dungy’s not even denying it.
      Got anything else, skippy?

  4. tim maguire says:

    All this caterwauling just makes the jersey more valuable. Wouldn’t it be simpler and make more sense to simply release a statement that it isn’t missing, that Brady found it under the couch cushions? The jersey then becomes instantly worthless.

  5. Crime Stoppers is a private organization, not taxpayer funded. We don’t want this kind of stain on our city! Great football game! Congratulations to the Patriots, Tom Brady, Coach Bellicheck, and Mr. Kraft!

  6. Probably worth more than 5 years salary of the janitor that took it. Just let it go.

  7. Sam Colt says:

    Must be Wednesday….ugh.

  8. Randy Ross says:

    Disappeared, just like the air in those footballs.

  9. Cyndy Smith says:

    They should take another jersey out, claim it’s been found, and move on. This will make the stolen one useless.

  10. James Tabone says:

    Why are the police wasting their resources looking for a blooming football jersey? There are many more problems police face that are needed in urban warfare.

  11. Jim Morrison says:

    With the Patriots hiring players like Aaron Hernandez over the years there is obviously still one stealing thug on the team that they haven’t discovered or the Police haven’t arrested yet for other crimes.

  12. My Dad got very ill and had to be rushed to the ER. He had to remove his jewelry and someone stole a very valuable and of course, sentimental Super Bowl ring. (it was also from the ’72 Dolphins and they still hold the record for the only team to go undefeated for the entire season).

    This is not like a theft of stolen art where someone can privately enjoy it..this is to get $$$ on a re-sale. I hope who ever took it gives it up. There is still time to maybe make a case that it was a ‘mistake’ to pick it up..But my Dad was heartbroken and the rest of the family too.

  13. Frank Walker says:

    Brady is widely known and recognized to be friendly with President Trump. Not all players on his team share Brady’s view of Trump. Some feel quite strongly the other way.

    ‘Nuff said.

  14. Dave Smith says:

    Leftist Jews have a Hit on Brady imo

  15. Once that shirt went missing it became worth $50. No provenance, I think is the term. The only exception to that rule is if it was an inside job for a very rich buyer, under contract.

  16. Much ado about NOTHING. **SOLUTION** Get another Brady jersey, rub it in soil, sprinkle it, and put it behind the uniform hamper. Find it and notify the press the jersey has been found.
    With this report from the press, who is going to pay any money for the thief’s jersey? NO ONE!

  17. Vox Veritas says:

    The jersey is with the air which went missing from his balls.

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