BOSTON (CBS) — Last year, fresh from his four-game suspension, Tom Brady appeared in his first local TV commercial for the official MRI provider for the New England Patriots.

Now the Super Bowl LI MVP’s Shields MRI ad got an update–featuring his fifth championship ring and a possible dig at the NFL commissioner who levied that suspension against him.

The Shields Health Care ad featured Brady removing his “jewelry”–his four Super Bowl rings–before getting an MRI.

In the original ad, when asked if his four rings were all he had, he responds, “For now.” In the updated ad, filmed long before the Patriots became Super Bowl champions, he fishes a fifth ring out of his pocket.

When the MRI tech says they’ll need to get him a bigger locker, Brady responds, “Roger that”–a possible reference to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

“Brady for the win! Five rings for Tom Brady and he’s ready for that bigger locker at Shields MRI,” the company wrote on their website. “We’re proud to team up with Tom Brady to highlight the quality we provide clients and partners.”

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  1. No offense, and I absolutely love the ad, but I hope TB12 never has occasion to require their services!

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