BOSTON (CBS) – Inspectors will scour the basements of businesses in Boston after video surfaced showing rats running around a Subway restaurant several months ago.

A passerby recorded video of rats inside the dining area of the Subway on Summer Street and notified Inspectional Services.

“Some people saw some evidence they reported to us,” said William Christopher of Boston Inspectional Services.

Inspectors found evidence of rats in the basement.

“It’s more than just taking the garbage out, it’s making sure that the cans they are stored in are properly sealed,” Christopher said.

Rats are a problem just about everywhere in the city. While inspectors found the Subway to be in violation of several rules, the restaurant has since remedied the problem.

“It’s constant vigilance, it’s not something that you do once a month,” Christopher said.

“Our top priority is food safety. The restaurant owner took immediate action to resolve the issue, which occurred several months ago,” a spokesman for Subway said. “The owner reports that the health department has found no evidence of a reoccurrence.”

On Tuesday, inspectors will be going out to neighboring businesses on Summer Street to check for more rat infestations.

  1. Subway is so gross anyway. Their roast “beef” is just ground up and pressed meat pieces. The ‘steak” is microwaved, come on people, have some pride, don’t eat that.

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