BOSTON (CBS) — The world has seen Tom Brady cry before.

He cried when talking about being drafted in the sixth round. He cried when he lost a Super Bowl. But on Monday night, the tears were much different.

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During Super Bowl LI Opening Night (also known as Media Day), a seven-year-old asked Brady who his hero was.

Brady called it a great question, and didn’t have to think very hard. The answer was simple: his father, Tom Brady Sr., who just a few days ago ripped into NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for the way he treated his son during the DeflateGate saga.

“Well, I think my dad is my hero because he is someone I look up to every day,” said Brady, fighting back the water works.

The Patriots quarterback was asked about his father’s comments on the commissioner later during his media day session, and was once again fighting back the tears.

“I would say my dad represents his feelings,” Brady said of his dad’s comments. “He’s a dad. And I’m a dad. So, yeah.”

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He couldn’t finish that thought, once again emotional when thinking about his father.

Brady handled nearly all of Monday night’s questions with ease. He stiff-armed any politically-themed questions, and deflected any DeflateGate questions by saying he likes to keep things positive. When asked about being the best quarterback to ever play the game, he answered it like a pro.

“I never played football to ‘be the best,'” Brady responded. “I played football because I love football.”

While those responses may seem a bit robotic, and straight out of the playbook Brady’s been taking plays from his entire career, it was great to see a much more human side of Brady on Monday night.


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