Welcome to Venice, perhaps the most magical city in the world. It is interesting in many ways, and one is that the train station is located right on the legendary Grand Canal. This means that you can get off the train, walk through the moderately sized station and be viewing the canal in about 90 seconds and you can be standing on one of the romantic pedestrian bridges over the canal in about three minutes. It’s surreal that one can walk from one reality, a standard train car, to the maritime vibe of a city with liquid streets in such a short time.

The train station has been refurbished with lots of stylish shops and great food. Even a two-euro sandwich is real treat and evidence that you have reached a gustatory paradise.

I am always preaching the benefits of taking no luggage, other than a light backpack, and Venice really helps me make my case. As there are few auto friendly streets in Venice and the canals cannot support enough watercraft to ferry everyone around, a visitor will do a lot of walking. St. Mark’s Square is a 45-minute walk from the train station and hauling one of those rolling cases across the cobblestones and over the many stone steps of Venice is a bummer.

I flew in to Venice on New Year’s Eve, so staying the first night here would have been very expensive and hassle-filled. The plan was to hop onto a train for the two hour jaunt to Modena, home of Lambrusco, Balsamic vinegar, and as it turns out a great hotel at a great price.

I will return to Venice on the back end of the trip and produce a detailed Venetian video. Also, Modena will get a dedicated video. Stand by…


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