FOXBORO (CBS) — The Patriots announced they will host a send-off rally on Monday as the team heads off to face the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI in Houston.

The rally will start around 9:30 Monday morning outside The Hall at Patriot Place at Gillette Stadium.

The team captains, as well as coach Bill Belichick, are expected to speak at the rally while the players board buses for Logan Airport. They’ll arrive in Houston around 3 p.m. local time.

On Wednesday, another bus–the appropriately-named Drive For Five, as the team tries to win their fifth Super Bowl–left Gillette on a 16-state trip to Houston.

Rob “Hardy” Poole and “Big Jim” Murray from 98.5 The Sports Hub, are along for the ride on the custom-made luxury bus. They’ll be stopping along the way to meet with alumni and Patriots fans.

Their first stop will be at NFL Headquarters in New York.

“I think rolling past NFL Headquarters should be interesting,” said Poole. “We have some questions, I don’t know if we’re going to get them answered. I don’t know if the person we’d like to talk to is there. Where is that guy?”

Then it’s on to Houston–for one more. You can follow their trip using #DriveForFiveBus on social media.

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  1. That’s way cooler than my bus.

    1. No way, nothing cooler than fat seniors riding around in a school bus.

    2. Your bus is very cool ! I show it off to all my out of town visitors. They are pretty impressed with the Foxboro Faithfull ! ! !

  2. Cheapo Kraft will probably charge people to wave.

    1. obviously you have never been to a send off rally ! Totally free and so much fun ! We have been to every one and been there when the team comes home WIN OR LOSE !

  3. Jeff Dearman says:

    Give a big middle finger salute to Goodelle as you drive by =) Hopefully the windows aren’t tinted.

  4. Jeff Dearman says:

    Gives me an excuse to check out a movie at the cinema there, (might see Patriots day), check out the hall of fame , and maybe have lunch at Five Guys or Red Robin =) Should be a fun day. Keep in mind it’ll be MONDAY morning AM Rush hour traffic so allow plenty of time to get there. especially if you’re coming from the North of the City or West. Allow 2 hours to get there in case of traffic. – (I’m leaving about 6:30am) maybe even earlier depending on when i get up/ready.

  5. Jeff Dearman says:

    Also AAA members get a 10% amission discount @ the HALL @ Patriot place. so bring your AAA card =)

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