BOSTON (AP) — Two Massachusetts lawmakers are hoping to wean the state off fossil fuels completely.

A bill filed by Democratic state Reps. Sean Garballey, of Arlington, and Marjorie Decker, of Cambridge, would commit Massachusetts to obtaining 100 percent of its energy from renewable sources like solar and wind.

The bill would require the state to achieve total renewable electricity generation by 2035 and phase out fossil fuels across all sectors, including heating and transportation, by 2050.

The legislation would require the state to set binding targets for renewable energy growth in all major economic sectors, and issue regulations to ensure Massachusetts stays on track to the goal of the 100 percent renewable energy by 2050.

The lawmakers said some major businesses, institutions and cities have already committed to the 100 percent goal.

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  1. So, how much is this costing the taxpayer? Certainly not coming without a hefty price tag.

  2. I would think this would be amazing! And I find it hopeful, to think that our State government is smart enough to figure out how much better off we would be, if we were not dependent on fossil Fuels.

    So many people feel hopeless thinking about how Trump is going to wreck the environment with more drilling for oil and then the State comes along and says…well, you do what you want, we’re going to keep going down the better road, of making our state less dependent on oil. If every state could do that, then Trump and his buddy at Exxon oil, wouldn’t have a reason to drill and eventually wouldn’t have a market. Supply and demand, always has been a handy tool.

  3. Jim Nardone says:

    keep dreaming lib cuz it will never happen. you cant even get a wind farm in the ocean in this state. do you have solar panels on your roof. and what happens at night your get your elec from the states solar panels. oh wait its dark out they dont produce at night. well back up with wind oh wait no one wants those things in their back yards. so now what snowflake. hmmmm

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