BOSTON (CBS) — Tom Brady has been showing up in a lot of advertisements this season, whether he’s in a starring or supporting role. His latest commercial appearance is only on former Patriots teammate Vince Wilfork’s computer screen, in an ad that could be described as … odd.

Wilfork stars in the new ad for Intel in which he declares Brady his “biggest fan.” He gives Brady something of a “makeover” at Intel’s “#ExperienceMore”, which allows you to make your own drawing over a 360-degree photo of Brady.

Wilfork, wearing overalls, decides to give Brady some overalls of his own.

The Wilfork ad is an offshoot of an earlier Intel ad featuring Brady and some whiz-bang 360-degree angles. Fans’ creations will be part of a 360-degree video ad that will, presumably, premiere during Super Bowl 51.

Hopefully, Patriots fans get to see Brady playing on the field that night and not just in the commercials.


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