BOSTON (CBS) — Roger Goodell must really love Atlanta. The NFL commissioner will attend the NFC Championship Game between the Atlanta Falcons and Green Bay Packers on Sunday, according to a tweet by ESPN’s Mike Reiss.

Sunday will mark the second straight week that Goodell will visit the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. He will avoid a trip to Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Mass., where the commissioner has not been since the start of the DeflateGate scandal.

HURLEY: Why Goodell Avoiding Foxboro Matters

Goodell’s lack of appearances at Gillette has elicited strong reactions and debates throughout the local media in New England, with some labeling him a “coward.” He has also visited Seattle and Kansas City during the NFL Playoffs, in addition to his trip to Atlanta last Sunday for the NFC Divisional Playoff between the Falcons and Seahawks.

With the commissioner making consecutive trips to Atlanta, it’s readily apparent that Goodell is actively avoiding Foxborough. What do you think is the reason behind Goodell’s absence from Foxborough?

Comments (26)
  1. face it he is shaking in fear at the thought of ever stepping into Gillette Stadium. COWARD

    1. Why would anyone go to a place where they are going to be verbally attacked? You hate him, yet want him to come to your game? What, so you can be uncouth? Not gonna happen. Face it, Brady is great, but is ok with cheating and doesn’t like it when he’s caught.

      1. Spoken like the moron you are, Dale.

  2. Doesn’t want to be there to have to explain why the Steelers headsets started broadcasting local play-by-play.

  3. Who cares? Why do Patriot fans care? Seriously, you don’t like him and he doesn’t like you.
    It’s simple math. Get over it.

    1. He is SUPPOSED to be NFL Commissioner. Not NFL minus the Patriots Commissioner!

  4. John Diamond says:

    He is a liar and a coward and has no sense of honesty and fairness. he looks pettier by the day.

  5. Jim Morrison says:

    When was Goodell’s last drug test?

  6. Goodell is a chicken$hit a$$hole.

  7. tmcb7 says:

    As a Falcons fan and resident of the ATL, i don’t want his sorry ass in our stadium either. I bet they’re a lot of other fans here that feel the same way.

  8. Jen Magnus says:

    All this does is prove he has a guilty conscience.

  9. Grizz Mann says:

    Who would not want to watch the Green Bay Packers?

  10. John Oakman says:

    Goodell will punish a person like Brady and let Any THUG walk.

  11. I am looking forward to the moment when this POS has to hand Tom Brady the trophy and suck it up! Karma!

  12. Someone must be taking a knee in Atlanta before the game. I figure that’s why Goodell is going there…

  13. Buy a thermometer… nobody in their right mind would travel to New England in the winter over Atlanta. Besides, nobody want’s to be around thug Boston fans and their cheating team.

  14. taptap77 says:

    Goodell needs to be fired!

  15. Tony Monti says:

    he likes his h0m0sexuals warm

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