BOSTON (CBS) — Draymond Green fouled LeBron James hard during the second quarter of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ 126-91 loss to the Golden State Warriors, and Green was assessed a flagrant 1 foul on the play. But LeBron’s reaction to the collision appeared a bit … exaggerated.

Green immediately reacted as if LeBron had flopped on the hit, which was hard but not necessarily the kind of collision that would knock a man of LeBron’s size to the court as if he had been shot. Watch the play below and judge for yourself:

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LeBron was asked about the collision after the game. Not only did he not downplay the incident, but he likened it to a helmet-to-helmet hit on a defenseless receiver.

“It happened so fast, I didn’t even know who it was,” he said. “But I’m all right. I’m a football player.”

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LeBron may think he was making a football play to absorb the hit, but Green had a different idea of what he was doing.

Green’s contact with LeBron was not just a tap – he certainly committed a hard foul. But LeBron’s over-the-top reaction may have been what prompted the collision to be deemed a flagrant 1.

Toucher & Rich discussed the incident on Monday morning. Listen below:

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