By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — Call it “Spygate 2.0.” But this time, the Patriots are merely bystanders.

Steelers All-Pro wide receiver Antonio Brown was capturing live video on Facebook late Sunday evening in a victorious locker room after Pittsburgh had defeated the Kansas City Chiefs. The game had been moved from a 1 p.m. ET start to 8:20 p.m. ET due to ice storms in the area that would have made it dangerous for fans to get to the stadium earlier in the day.

In that locker room, head coach Mike Tomlin addressed the team, and he described the Patriots — who are next week’s opponent — using a less-than-endearing term. He also expressed some frustration that his team has less time to prepare for next week’s AFC Championship Game.

“When you get to this point in the journey, man, not a lot needs to be said. Let’s say very little moving forward. Let’s start our preparation,” Tomlin, who could not be seen on camera, told the team. “We spotted them [a–holes] a day-and-a-half. They played yesterday; our game got moved to tonight. We’re gonna touch down at 4 o’clock in the [expletive] morning. So be it. We’ll be ready for that ass. But you ain’t got to tell them that we’re coming.”

Brown has since deleted the video from Facebook, but CBS Pittsburgh has the full video available for viewing (warning: language). The Tomlin speech begins just after the 2-minute mark.

After Tomlin’s speech, another voice shouted to the room: “Be cool on social media, man! This is about us, nobody else, man!”

Brown himself was too busy playing on Facebook Live and marveling at the number of viewers rise to have caught that message.

Then, quarterback Ben Roethlisberger addressed the team and again reiterated the importance of not saying anything inflammatory this week.

“It’s a lion’s den. I’ve been there. A lot of us has been there. This ain’t gonna be fun,” Roethlisberger said. “Keep your mouth shut. Let’s play Steeler football and be a Steeler all week.”

Tomlin’s expressed frustrations with playing in New England before. When his Steelers lost on opening night to the Patriots to kick off the 2015 season, he complained after the game that he was receiving the 98.5 The Sports Hub radio broadcast of the game in his headset.

“That’s always the case,” Tomlin said, referencing his trips to Gillette Stadium.

It’s ironic that Tomlin’s address to his team focused almost entirely on not saying anything publicly that could be turned into bulletin-board material for the Patriots. Thanks to Brown streaming it live for thousands upon thousands of people to hear in real time, Tomlin has personally failed that mission before it even had a chance to begin.

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  1. Zane Ryker says:

    Obviously, Putin put Tomlin up to this in an effort to take the spotlight off of Trump. When will the Russian madness end?

  2. I don’t think it is classless as some have written. I didn’t think anything about it at all. It is no big deal. Cursing happens.

  3. Mike Mora says:

    I like the Steelers but after Tomlin’s remarks I’m throwing my support to New England. Tomlin gets away with lots of inflammatory rhetoric but frankly it is getting old.

    1. So Mike, you would change support because of a Coach saying the truth?? Hello, this is NFL Football. It IS a tough crowd.

  4. Rob Bennett says:

    Gee, Golly, Wow. The head coach of a “PROFESSIONAL” Football team, made up entirely of Male adults, actually swears while addressing his team in a LOCKER ROOM and uses, Oh my Gosh, actual PROFANITY. What next? Showering naked? GROW THE FU*K UP.

  5. The Steelers, Rapist QB, Drug using RB, Trash mouth coach, Police beating Asst. Coach, fans that disgust me, I hope NE kickes their asses all the way back to the Allegheny River. Pats by 14, Pittsburgh doesn’t know how to get in the end zone.

    1. Well, as long as we’re going there; what about Aaron Hernandez (serving life without parole for murder) and Julian Edelman, who got a woman pregnant and then dumped her for an underwear model, denying that he was even the baby’s father (he eventually conceded that he IS the father). That sounds eerily familiar. Somebody else on the team did that. What was that guy’s name? Oh, yes! Tom Brady!

  6. Carl Mertz says:

    I find it interesting the dirtiest team in football with the dirtiest coach in football never gets a call against them because of the owner of the team and his coach he hired.

  7. sammy4231 says:

    He was speaking rhetorically to a team in a locker room. Let it go. I’ll bet Belichick won’t give it a second thought.

  8. Henry Crum says:

    Some are asses, but they are very very competent ones.

  9. Well……they ARE !!!!! Tomlin is so correct. Look at the BS surrounding them. Tampering with the football. Jamming the headset signals ( they finally blamed an audio guy at the Gillette) and who knows what else. Too bad they feel the need to be less than honorable.

  10. Vox Veritas says:

    Tomlin, Rapistberger, and thug Joey Porter complaining about other teams’ and coaches’ integrity?

    Hypocrisy, thy name is Pittsburgh Steelers.

  11. Vox Veritas says:

    I wonder…do the Steelers believe they’ll win in New England without scoring a single touchdown again?

  12. Amazing. The reporting of this as news is laughable. Are you kidding me? With all the real news going on in the world? Worse has been said: plus, maybe it’s true?

  13. Dan Fleming says:

    Lots of Hillary Snowflakes commenting here. It’s locker room talk. Every team does it. Trash talk is part of the game. Maybe Belicheck can create a “safe space” for you Pats fans.

  14. Joe Corrao says:

    He is a B- coach…does his share of whining and then some.

  15. adoptek says:

    I play a lot of competitive golf and always refer to my opponents as a**holes or worse. The fact that they spotted those a**holes a day and a half plus additional travel time is the real story, especially after playing wildcard weekend.

  16. Dee Christou says:

    soooooooooo…? will all the emotional snowflakes please just melt…?

  17. Joe Shine says:

    Mike Tomlin is an average coach with great assistants and a great organization in the Steelers. Tomlin was a token hire and is more a cheer leader yessa master type of coach for whitey.

  18. Mike Jones says:

    Cant understand a single word the morons are saying

  19. Bob Rask says:

    A great Vince Lombardi type speech, destined for greatness.

  20. Vox Veritas says:

    Antonio Brown, keep your day job.

  21. Oh wow. A sofa story on locker room talk. Wow. How inventive and entertaining CBS.

  22. Billy Medz says:

    the only thing this shows is how undisciplined the Steelers players are especially Brown …….who even after he was told to keep it quiet and stay off social media completely ignored his coaches and other teammates requests …..this shows up at undetermined points …….maybe Sunday in Foxboro?

  23. Pete Orsi says:

    Come on people, I’m a Pats fan, but it’s a locker room, not a Snowflake Safe Space.

  24. Genius. Steelers will win.

  25. Tomlin is right. Brown should not have had social media on in the locker room. But, come on, it’s the patriots.

  26. I thought the one thing everybody agreed on in this country – even Pats fans – is that the Pats are a-holes. But I guess there are a few dissenters. Regardless, that’s one of the least offensive things you’ll hear in a football locker room.

  27. BJ Cass says:

    Tomlin is a good coach and his comments in the locker room shouldn’t bring anything but a yawn.

  28. Kurt Smith says:

    GASP! A football (or any other) coach calling the opposing team names! I’m shocked beyond belief.

  29. Wade Baker says:

    Already making excuses for a potential loss. Glad to hear that.

  30. I thought these fellows were turning their lives around. Any rapping to occur in the near future?

  31. Jake Redmond says:

    You can tell this is a Boston report. The headline makes a NOTHING story into some big deal. Now, all we will hear all week is about, “Oh no! Now the Pats are mad and everyone should be scared!” So tired of that BS.
    If they need THAT to get up for a championship game, they should find another profession.

  32. Bob Suyak says:

    IMHO a..hole = a coach whose team cannot even 1 f..king touchdown during a playoff game, who would that be?

  33. Kayla says:

    Don’t shoot the messenger even when everyone already knows this.

  34. Bob Suyak says:

    A..hole a coach whose team cannot even score 1 f..king touchdown during a playoff game. A coach who already thinking about excuses, “other team more time off” before the next playoffgame, That kind of coach is an a..hole IMHO.

  35. Coach Tomlin really ought to restrain himself and speak with the elevated, Yale-eloquent decorum of Hillary Clinton

  36. Rich Bees says:

    Who is it in Pittsburgh who teaches the receivers to scream for a flag on every incompletion? They think they have some divine right to win every game? Or spear unprotected opponents? Or step on the field to interfere with a play? All I know is that next week, they’re going to have to come up with a TD. FGs alone aren’t going to win it.

  37. Thomas Payne says:

    does anybody REALLY care? Snowflakes and Buttercups you better get used to it,,,everyone gets called a A hole at least once in their lives,,,and if you a real man you get called it many,many times….

  38. icansayitnow says:

    Just another case of someone actually telling the TRUTH, then being punished for it because it invaded the sanctity of ignorance that turned TRUTH into Insult. How terrible, and protected the whiners are…hearing words they naturally use….AGAINST THEM.

  39. Don Butler says:

    This was a locker room. I’m amazed he didn’t talk about deflated balls. Give me a break.

  40. I don’t know. Who cares? I listened to the clip, and he’s just talking about next week. Is Hurley getting sucked into the modern media vortex??


  41. Eddie Liker says:

    Don’t worry about the Steelers ‘not scoring TD’s’ against KC. They will come out firing on Sunday. It was poor play calling by the coaches in that game. They won’t repeat that against the Pats.

  42. Anti-racists say there is a RACE problem that can only be solved when the third world pours into EVERY White country and “assimilates.”

    What if I said there was a RACE problem that could only be solved if hundreds of millions of non-Blacks were brought into EVERY Black country? How long before people realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem, but the conclusion to the BLACK problem?

    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-White.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  43. Dan Cole says:

    Steelers will crush the Patsies….

  44. As a faithful Steelers fan, I am very disappointed in Tomlin’s terrible mischaracterization of the Patriots. I would have used the term “c^^ksuckers” instead.

  45. rytwinger says:

    Tomlin is a typical low IQ negro and will get a pass for his stupid comments….

  46. rytwinger says:

    “When you get to this point in the journey, man, not a lot needs to be said.”….Then why not shut your stupid pie hole?

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