BOSTON (CBS) — The Texans don’t stand much of a chance this weekend in their playoff meeting with Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots. Everybody is aware of the disparity between the two teams for this divisional round meeting.

But still, upsets do happen, and with that in mind, the Houston Chronicle put together a list of reasons why the Texans can win the game on Saturday night.

Titled, “Don’t laugh: Here’s why the Texans could beat the Patriots,” the story lists 13 different areas and situations where the Texans could benefit. Some examples: Houston’s defense is good, weather could affect the Patriots’ passing game, the Texans can control the ball with the running game, and Houston has been better in the turnover department. There’s even a playful suggestion that Bill Belichick’s boat trip last weekend could prove costly, much like Odell Beckham’s.

It was likely in that same humorous tone that the final reason was given:

Maybe the balls will be overinflated
Although Deflategate was overblown, we all learned how Tom Brady likes his balls – slightly deflated. Perhaps the overconfidence of being a two-touchdown favorite will have Brady paying less-than-usual attention to the PSI of the game balls, and the Texans defense can take advantage of some overinflated footballs.

For one, Brady never lets a Vegas point spread affect his preparation or focus. But more importantly, DeflateGate is no laughing matter around these parts. It’s like bringing up politics at the Thanksgiving dinner table — you just don’t do it. The wounds are still fresh, and the anger is still bubbling beneath the surface. Commissioner Roger Goodell is smart enough to recognize this, as evidenced by his extended absence from Gillette Stadium.

DeflateGate is no joke.

Consider yourself warned, Houston.

  1. Mike Allen says:

    I think you could have worded the following sentence from your article a little better.

    This comment could have been said differently.


    “we all learned how Tom Brady likes his balls –”

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