By Bill Shields

MIDDLEBORO (CBS) – As President-elect Donald Trump conducted his first news conference Wednesday, people in Dave’s Diner in Middleboro watched quietly. And much like the election itself, there were a gulf of opinions about Mr. Trump’s upcoming presidency.

“I’m excited,” said Brian Holmes, a retired commercial fisherman. “I think he’s going to do good. My honest opinion.”

At another table nearby, Joe and Kathy McCann watched and listened. Even though they’ve been married for years, their political differences couldn’t be more outstanding. Joe’s the conservative, Kathy the Hillary supporter.

“I’m nervous, I’m not hopeful,” said Kathy. “I just don’t have confidence in him as a president.”

But her husband was optimistic about the future. “I think this is just what we need at this point in time,” Joe said. “That’s what makes America good, two sides to every coin.”

And then there’s Mary Mackiewicz, a waitress, who has authored two children’s books. She slowed down a bit to listen to the TVs. “The American people are excited,” Mary said. “It’s time to bring things back here, to bring work back here, to bring the American people back together.”

Bill Shields


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