By Katie Brace

BROOKLINE (CBS) – Everyone it appears knows one particular home in the 100 block of Clinton Road in Brookline.

“We always jokingly called it the haunted house,” said neighbor Rebecca Berman.

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But, no one knew the sisters who lived here their entire lives.

“One of my neighbors said she didn’t actually realize anyone lived there,” said Berman.

The District Attorney’s office says for more than a year the older sister lived in the house with the body of her younger 67-year old sister decomposing in the kitchen.

A relative made the discovery mid-December. Police had to tell the other sister of the death even though she was still living in the house.

A woman's decomposing body was found in a Clinton Street home in Brookline (WBZ-TV)

A woman’s decomposing body was found in a Clinton Street home in Brookline (WBZ-TV)

“It’s profoundly sad,” said neighbor Harriet Allen.

Allen lives next door and in years gone by used to know the sisters.

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“One day last summer three policeman came to my door. I don’t remember why they were there. And, I came downstairs and I said what you need is the health department and they said ‘I guess you’re right.’ Period.”

A while ago the sisters boarded up the front of their house. The D.A.’s office says there was also a hoarding issue.

Dr. Kimberly Glazier Leonte specializes in hoarding. She said pushing people away is a classic sign, as the hoarder is often embarrassed. She said there are reasons the sister may have lived with the body.

“They are not aware. They are afraid if they go tell authorities,” said Dr. Glazier Leonte.

Occasionally, neighbors said people would call the city about the dead tree out front, or the disrepair.

“They came and looked at the house and they saw the state of disrepair, someone is responsible or irresponsible,” said Allen.

“They didn’t really want help though, some of the neighbors had offered to take care of their yard and they had refused,” said Berman.

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The D.A’s office says foul play is not suspected. The sister who died had a history of illness.