CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — New Hampshire lawmakers are holding the first public hearing on a bill aimed at weakening the power of labor unions.

The Senate Commerce Committee will take testimony on a bill known as right to work Tuesday afternoon. The bill would prohibit public and private unions from requiring employees to join or contribute money. Republican Gov. Chris Sununu supports the legislation, as do leaders of the GOP-controlled House and Senate. Supporters say it increases worker freedom and will draw more businesses to New Hampshire. No other New England states have right-to-work laws.

But opponents say the law is designed to weaken collective bargaining rights and worker protections. Many Democratic protesters are likely to be at the State House for the hearing.

Republicans in Kentucky and Missouri are also pursuing right-to-work laws.

  1. New Hampshire’s unemployment rate is the lowest in the country — lower than 25 right to work states. And it’s poverty rate is the lowest in the country, lower than every RTW state. Right to Work is BS; all it does is punish unions.

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