BOSTON (CBS) – Last weekend’s snowstorm means the space savers are out in Boston.

In South Boston, one driver received a threatening note after removing a space saver and submitted it to the city’s 311 service. We’ve blurred out the bad language, but in the note, the person threatens to key the other driver’s car and slash their tires.

The threatening note (Image credit City of Boston)

The threatening note (Image credit City of Boston)

“This is your first warning,” the note reads. “DO NOT —- WITH ME.”

Space savers are only allowed for 48 hours in most parts of the city when Boston declares a snow emergency, which wasn’t the case last weekend. Space savers are prohibited in the South End.

“The City will not tolerate any violent acts or destruction of property and encourages residents to contact the BPD if these incidents occur,” a spokeswoman for Mayor Marty Walsh said in a statement.

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  1. I made a little mobile page based on the official rules and some “unofficial rules” from Caught In Southie where people can go to check whether they can use a space saver for future storms – Enjoy!

  2. Well the is going to keep happening until Mayor’s office puts it; they will not take action until the neighborhood becomes educated.—yGEdrUu1dbMi6/

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