FOXBORO (CBS) — With the opening of legal pot shops in Massachusetts at least a year and a half way, some people are still finding a way to get it. By growing it themselves. That became legal last month.

Now, many stores specializing in indoor gardening are booming. Sales of what are in effect small, indoor greenhouses are brisk at Harvest Moon Hydroponics in Foxboro and they fit almost everywhere.

“Basements, bedrooms, large walk-in closets,” says Aaron Voog, the owner of the 11-year-old business. The grow lights, climate controlling fans, potting soil and fertilizer are staples for indoor growers.

“From vegetables to orchids to ornamentals,” Voog explains.

When the new recreational marijuana law allowing individuals to grow plants went into effect, Voog’s business got its own boost.

“I would say at least a 20-percent jump the first day, and it hasn’t abated since,” he says.

Certainly people were using these kinds of tools to grow pot before it was legal, but now Voog says he’s seeing more customers, and a wider age range of people who want to grow their own.

“Now people can have adult conversations about an adult thing,” he says.

But nothing is certain. Since marijuana is still illegal at the federal level, the incoming Trump administration could crack down on state laws.

“I would hope Mr. Trump and his cabinet stand by their states’ rights stance on most things. Hopefully they’ll allow us to continue this experiment with no interference from them. But there are no guarantees where that’s concerned,” Voog says.

For a set-up to grow marijuana at home, people are paying between $200 and $1200.

Harvest Moon Hydroponics:

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  1. Jake Goodale says:

    Home growing is on the rise and yet MA legislators chose to delay the opening of retail cannabis shops by 6 months. There goes millions of potential tax dollars down the drain at a time where we are facing a budget crisis.

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