BROOKLINE (CBS) – A man accused of posing as a maintenance worker to steal from local businesses has been arrested.

Brookline Police say they caught 32-year-old Anthony Binsfield in Coolidge Corner Wednesday night, after allegedly stealing from two businesses in town earlier in the day.

Surveillance video showed the suspect approaching employees, identifying himself as a heating and air conditioner worker, and then stealing money, gift cards and credit cards from backrooms.

Alleged robber posing as HVAC worker has hit several Boston businesses (WBZ-TV)

Alleged robber posing as HVAC worker has hit several Boston businesses (WBZ-TV)

“He’s very brazened to be doing this and then returning, and nevermind in a place like Brookline where there’s so many officers, but returning to the same exact area where he had just done some earlier,” said Brookline Police Deputy Superintendent Michael Gropman.

Binsfield has 11 outstanding warrants, and is a suspect in thefts at several businesses in Boston. Police say the arrest was the result of an alert employee who knew about the man.

“He’s victimized an awful lot of people especially during the holiday season,” Gropman said. “For them to have their personal identities stolen, money stolen, things like that, it seriously affects the holidays so we’re very relieved.”

In 2015, he was accused of trespassing in a Cohasset Elementary School, again posing as a HVAC worker.

He will be arraigned Thursday morning.


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