BOSTON (CBS) – A woman accused of going door-to-door and stealing packages claims she did so because she assumed the deliveries were insured and intended recipients would be reimbursed.

Kathy Lyden was arrested by Whitman Police after they say she stole 60 packages worth about $2,800 from homes in Whitman, Hanson and Abington.

When officers swarmed a home on Commercial Street in Whitman, they found boxes in a pickup truck in the driveway and more in a bedroom inside.

During Lyden’s arraignment on Tuesday, prosecutors said her husband asked police “If she shows you where the packages are, will you not arrest her?”

Photo shows suspect accused of stealing packages in Whitman (WBZ-TV)

Photo shows suspect accused of stealing packages in Whitman (WBZ-TV)

Many have called Lyden a “Grinch,” but police were a little more gentle.

“It’s not in the spirit of the season, that’s for sure,” Deputy Police Chief Timothy Hanlon said. “Unfortunately people have to resort to this type of activity.”

Chris Powers is one of the people who had a package stolen by Lyden.

“You used to be able to put something on your steps and feel totally comfortable it’s going to be there when you get home,” Powers said. “To have somebody come up on your property and take something off your steps, not a good feeling.”

Defense attorney Sean O’Brien told the judge Lyden did not believe she was stealing from the package recipients.

“Her thinking at the time was that these packages were all insured and they’d be replaced, and that she wasn’t in essence stealing from residents, but from a manufacturer,” O’Brien said.

Kathy Lyden appears in court on December 20, 2016. (WBZ-TV)

Kathy Lyden appears in court on December 20, 2016. (WBZ-TV)

Whitman police recovered almost $3,000 worth of merchandise that Lyden allegedly stole. One victim said Lyden took a scooter, camera, pair of boots and a game from her.

Police said Lyden at first cried and seemed remorseful. But when police attempted to arrest her, they say she resisted and punched two officers. She later told officers she stole the presents for her children.

Lyden’s bail was revoked on an open drug case. Prosecutors said in court that Lyden did not show up 18 times for drug tests.

She is next scheduled to appear in court next month.

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  2. Liberal logic. It’s insured so nobody gets hurt.

    1. David Keith says:

      Somehow she doesn’t strike me as being your typical eastern college educated, brie eating, chablis drinking bleeding heart.

  3. Anne LeBlanc says:

    Piece of trash.. Should be in jail- she obviously already has a record of some sort. The husband, too since he apparently knew about it.

  4. West Bond says:

    Take a good look at Cathy Lyden: she steals to support a Heroin/Drug addiction. This is what drugs will drive you to do to support a habit. Drugs fuel crime: they also kill. Cathy Lyden will be lucky to make it to the age of fifty. RIP.

  5. Dirtbag. 43 years old? Looks like 63 years old. What a bum.