MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (CBS) – Missing out on a year-end bonus once again this holiday season?

LinkedIn has a new list of the jobs and industries that dole out the most in annual cash bonuses.

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Believe it or not, 75 percent of companies are planning to hand out bonuses this year, averaging just over $5,000 to each worker.

At the top of the ranking is Investment Banking Associate at $100,000. The runner-up is surgeon, with an average bonus of $60,000.

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The fields that typically award the highest bonuses are energy and mining, hardware and networking, software and IT services, consumer goods and finance, LinkedIn says.

If you’re aiming to negotiate for a bonus next year, LinkedIn suggest you do your research before talking with your boss, and consider learning a new skill to increase your earning potential.

Jobs With The Highest Annual Bonuses (See Full List Here)

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1. Investment Banking Associate: $100,000
2. Surgeon: $60,000
3. Radiologist: $47,500
4. Investment Banking Analyst: $45,000
5. Medical Director: $40,000