PLYMOUTH (CBS) – Police are investigating possible skimming devices at a Walmart store in Plymouth.

Officers learned that suspects had been seen tampering with card readers at cash registers.

“We are still investigating, but we believe they were removing skimmers from card readers,” Plymouth Police said.

Though Plymouth Police said no victims had come forward, they added that people might seeing that their cards had been tampered with when they check their accounts.

One woman told WBZ-TV that she went shopping at the store on Black Friday. She didn’t think anything of the experience until Tuesday when she noticed there had been a withdrawal from a bank in New York.

The woman canceled her cards and filed a fraudulent activity claim through her bank.

Leslee Wright Senior Manager, corporate communications, said in a statement that the company will be taking additional steps to make sure customers’ bank accounts don’t become compromised.

We have no tolerance for crime against our customers or our associates. As soon as we heard about possible fraud in our store, we took action to protect our customers. We’re working with police to and taking additional steps to help ensure our customers’ transactions are safe, including daily register inspections.


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