By Beth Germano

BOSTON (CBS) – At least eight planes and helicopters flying near Boston were targeted by someone with a laser. Around 1 a.m. Wednesday morning a crew in the cockpit of a Boston Medflight chopper reported being hit by a green laser after dropping off a patient at Tufts Medical Center.

A few hours later they reported being hit again after dropping off a patient at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. “A steady green light. Looks like it’s coming right from the city,” according to the pilot.

Rick Kenin, General Manager of Aviation Operations for Boston Medflight says it’s a dangerous problem that’s becoming all too frequent putting pilots on alert. “If you imagine flying in total darkness at night and suddenly you’re illuminated with a green light it’s a real distraction,” said Kenin.

Boston Medflight helicopter (WBZ-TV)

Boston Medflight helicopter (WBZ-TV)

He says the operator of the laser may think they’re shining a single beam but it actually fills the cockpit with light. Officials believe the beams came somewhere from a street near the MIT campus.

There were also several other laser reports throughout the night from planes coming into Logan Airport. Two United Airlines aircraft, one UPS plane, and two from Spirit Airlines were also targeted but it’s unclear from where.

Rick Kenin says it’s no joke, but a federal crime he’d like to stop. “It baffles us as to why people continue to do this,” Kenin said. “It endangers so many lives when they take this careless action.”

Beth Germano

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