By Paul Burton

BOSTON (CBS) –Eva Gambon is only nine years old, but she has a lot of heart, even though she was born with only half of one.

“I was diagnosed with hypo plastic left heart syndrome which means the left side of my heart was so small it was like microscopic,” Gambon said.

In order to live she had to undergo immediate open heart surgery at Boston Children’s Hospital.

“She wouldn’t have lived past 7 to 10 days old anyone with that diagnosis is not survivable,” her mother Jill Gambon said.

Through it all, Eva has remained a fighter.

“You never know what life might give you,” Eva said.

With her amazing positive attitude, this small ball of energy is thriving today. Her favorite place to be is performing on stage.

“I love being on stage and putting makeup and fancy customs on,” Eva said.

Ever since she can remember, she dreamed of performing in the Boston Ballet’s The Nutcracker.

“It means lot to me because when I was younger, I used to love watching it,” Eva said.

Now this bright young star is now center stage in this year’s The Nutcracker, playing at the Strand Theatre.

Since she’s been born, Eva has had five open heart surgeries, but that’s not stopping her from living out her dreams.

“Being in The Nutcracker now is like watching your favorite movie and you getting to star in the play of it,” Eva said.

She lives with a pacemaker and both mom and daughter thank Boston Children’s Hospital for giving her a second chance at life.

“It’s amazing. I am just grateful she’s alive and thanks to Boston Children’s Hospital, she is thriving,” her mother said.

Eva says though her heart defect may never go away, she has an important message to share.

“If you have a dream, go after it,” Eva said.

Paul Burton

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  1. Great positive piece that is in tune with the holiday season!

  2. Troy Fergus says:

    Was she purposely misquoted? She said, “If you have a dream, get it.” but she was quoted as saying, “If you have a dream, go after it.”

    Why did that happen?

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