BOSTON (CBS) – The mayor of Boston says warm weather and possibly climate change are responsible for delaying the start of ice skating at City Hall Plaza.

The skating path at “Boston Winter” is billed as the city’s “first ever custom-designed pathway” made of ice.

Its grand opening was set for 3 p.m. Friday, but Mayor Marty Walsh tweeted at 2:17 p.m. that it had to be postponed because of the weather. He speculated that global warming might be responsible, and added a Donald Trump-like flourish to the end of his tweet.

“The rain and the kind of the warm temperatures we had the other day set us back a little bit,” Mayor Walsh said Friday night. “The weather is not helping us.”

Temperatures reached 50 degrees in Boston Thursday and were expected to do the same on Friday. Weekend temperatures are forecast to be in the low to mid-40s, which is typical for this time of year.

“Once it’s frozen we’ll be OK, it’s just a matter of getting it frozen,” Walsh said.

The new opening day for the skate path is Wednesday, Dec. 7.

Ice skating path on Boston City Hall Plaza (WBZ-TV)

Ice skating path on Boston City Hall Plaza (WBZ-TV)

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  1. Alan B Flood says:

    A warm day in Early days of Dec and the mayor declares climate change – no wonder others want to run for the office – so if we have a below normal temperature in June will he declare we are entering an ice age? Are all politicians that quick to declare such illogical results from one day of weather – scary…….

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