DARTMOUTH (CBS) — Notice anything odd about that sign above?

MassDOT apologized to drivers, tourists, and locals Monday for the misprinted sign, which read “Cod Cape” instead of “Cape Cod.”

The sign was made by Liddell Brothers, Inc. and installed on Faunce Corner Road southbound in Dartmouth on November 15. It was taken down around 8:30 a.m. Monday.

Though the sign was made by an outside contractor, MassDOT said their engineers are required to check all signage to make sure the information printed on them is correct.

MassDOT Highway Division District 5 Acting Director Matthew Broderick said the sign was taken down immediately after they were notified about the misprint.

“We have had discussions with both the contractor that fabricated and installed the sign, and District 5 Resident Engineers whose responsibility it is to thoroughly review highway signage for accuracy,” Broderick said in a statement Tuesday morning. “The District is in the process of reviewing all signage to ensure it is accurate and that this does not happen again.”

The department is currently reviewing their sign installation process to see how the error passed through steps meant to check for errors.

Comments (11)
  1. Signage made and installed by graduates of Harvaaaad

    1. Suke Madique says:

      Funny how Trump voters convince themselves Harvard grads are stupid but High School dropouts like themselves are geniuses.

  2. Steve Paulin says:

    “he department is currently reviewing their sign installation process to see how the error passed through steps meant to check for errors.”

    Pretty simple, really. Somebody didn’t do their job well, or at all. Investigation complete.

  3. David Keith says:

    I don’t see that there was too much wrong with it. Why the big deal and the urgency to take it down? I doubt if it caused any confusion. Perhaps a chuckle or two…

  4. Paull Cudak says:

    What else would you expect from a more than likely graduate from a Progressive Liberal Public School? Either that of a “SUPPOSED” refugee or just another ignorant INVADING HIGHLY EDUCATED DREAMER saying they at here legally.

    1. Suke Madique says:

      Almost certainly these sign makers do not have a college degree, they are probably uneducated like yourself Jethro.
      Why are so many republicans proud of being uneducated these days?

    2. Suke Madique says:

      Conservatives are so stupid they can’t spell “Paul” correctly.

      You are just like the people in the ghetto that “keep it real” by dropping out of school, you convince yourself that being too lazy or or smart enough to graduate college is a badge of honor.

  5. IT’s called Hackorama.Incompetent people at the switch! It’s been done for years. Look at the RMV!

  6. Dan Coffe says:

    Don’t the year-round residents wear Cod Capes starting in November

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