BOSTON (CBS) — Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has made his share of unorthodox and somewhat questionable moves this season, yet the team keeps on winning football games.

It started before the season when he traded their best pass-rusher in Chandler Jones, and the hooded one struck again with the mid-season trade of linebacker Jamie Collins, one of the team’s best athletes on defense. If those two weren’t enough, Belichick told defensive end Jabaal Sheard to stay home last weekend. All three of those players are set to become free agents after the season.

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How did the team respond to leaving Sheard home alone? They went out and sacked Colin Kaepernick five times in a 30-17 win over the San Francisco 49ers.

Boomer Esiason of CBS’ The NFL Today and WFAN joined Toucher & Rich for his weekly interview, and before things took an awkward turn (as they tend to do) at the end, Esiason discussed Belichick’s approach to the locker room. He’s not sure why Sheard was told to stay home, but it appears Belichick is trying to keep players from getting too comfortable.

“I don’t know if it has to do with locker room problems. But we debate this, it seems, every week as to what Bill Belichick is doing. According to coach Bill Cowher, it’s almost like he wants an unsettled, and edgy feeling, in the locker room. He doesn’t want anyone to get comfortable with themselves or their performance and he’s not afraid to  sit anyone down. I don’t know if he’s sending a message or just doing the right thing,” said Esiason.

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“How many coaches don’t do the right thing and how many coaches put up with a bunch of crap? He’s one of few in this league, and for that matter, professional sports, who can do what he does and hold people accountable,” said Esiason. “If you’re late for a meeting don’t even bother showing up for the entire day. Then you have to show up and face the media the next day… It’s really a masterful plan of putting the onus back on the player’s performance and behavior.

“If I were running a team, I would run it the way Belichick runs it,” added Esiason. “It takes a lot of guts for a coach to do some of the things Belichick has done in New England. But when you have the hardware, the Super Bowl wins, the rings, he knows how to get it done. People should take notice of that, and they do.”

How much longer can Belichick keep it going? Is Josh McDaniels destined to leave New England or will he end up taking over for Bill? And do the Jets have any chance against the Patriots next weekend? Boomer touches on all of that and much more — listen to the full podcast below:

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