By Jim Smith

DUXBURY (CBS) – Heartbreak at a construction site in Duxbury, as a man is killed in a gruesome work site accident.

Late Sunday afternoon, the Plymouth County District Attorney’s office identified the victim as 28 year-old Jason Sanderson of Carver.

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A crew was laying down a water main just off Route 3A Saturday afternoon when Sanderson, cutting a pipe, suddenly lost control of a power saw with fatal results. Co-worker Sam Romanelli saw it all happen.

“The saw jammed on him and kicked back and got him in the throat. And you know, he stumbled and went down and we tried to do everything we could to stop the bleeding until the paramedics arrived,” he said.

His fellow worker dying in a construction hole, Romanelli did everything he could.

“I ripped off my jacket and my safety vest and I stuffed it into his throat where the cut was and I tried to just apply pressure, kept him upright, tried to keep the blood from coming out,” Romanelli added.

Paramedics rushed Sanderson to Beth Israel in Plymouth, but he later died.

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“Obviously chaotic” said Duxbury Fire Chief Kevin Nord of the accident scene.

“He was down in the trench. There was a bit of extrication that had to be involved getting him into, on a backboard getting him up out of the trench to street side so we could get him in the ambulance,” Chief Nord continued.

Authorities worked into the night. The accident will be investigated by O.S.H.A. and other agencies.