BOSTON (AP) — Authorities in Massachusetts say three 15-year-old girls are facing hate crime charges after they allegedly assaulted a woman who they thought was an immigrant on a commuter train this month.

Suffolk County prosecutors say the Boston teens were all charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and a civil rights violation causing injury.

They have been arraigned and released to their parents.

Prosecutors say the 49-year-old victim boarded a Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority train on Nov. 7. Authorities say the teens verbally harassed the victim, mocked her accent and one teen “repeatedly punched” and hit the woman with a cellphone when she tried to move seats.

The office says a witness reported the incident to transit police.

The teens are due back in court Nov. 30.

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  1. Paull Cudak says:

    PARENTS NEVER DID THEIR JOB. Spanking needs to be reestablished as punishment. School Corporal Punishment needs to be reinstated. YES IT WORKS IF DONE PROPERLY.

    1. The key phrase is “when corporal punishment is done properly at homes and in schools. This behavior is more a reflection of poor values and lack character training in their home as well as in the loss of spritual and character education in schools. RESPECT-TRUST-CARING- TO NAME JUST THREE.

  2. Given the temperment since the election, this incident is one of many with incidents already occurring and more on the rise in this city and cities across the country!🇱🇷 Not a reflection of the character of the United States of America we and inviduals around the world choose to believe. 😔

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