BOSTON (CBS) – Here’s the good news about Mark Zuckerberg, the boy billionaire who gave us Facebook – I saw him on TV Tuesday night wearing a tie! Attaboy Mark, finally dressing the part at age 32.

Now, the bad news – Zuckerberg still acts the part of the naughty seven-year-old, caught red-handed making a mess but declaring: “I didn’t do anything!”

We’re talking about the discovery that Facebook allowed its news feeds to be taken over by fake-story mills, which bombarded millions of voters with totally false information during the campaign, most of it damaging to the Clinton campaign.

Remember the story about Pope Francis endorsing Trump? Fake. The one about the mysterious death of an FBI agent suspected of leaking Clinton emails? Totally fake as well. And so on.

It turns out Facebook knew it had a fake news problem and did almost nothing about it, even though a New York Times columnist points out they had ample tools at their command. And now Zuckerberg is in full whine, claiming it’s a “pretty crazy idea” that his negligence had any impact on a close election.

What’s crazy is the sight of a company, making money in almost unimaginable quantities, completely neglecting its basic social responsibilities to be a responsible conduit of news and information.

It’s like the gang at Twitter, knowing their product is being used to do real harm to people, but finding every excuse in the book to let it continue.

Move over, tobacco companies and toxic-waste polluters.

You’ve got fresh company in the Irresponsible Greedhead Hall of Fame.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

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  1. hocuspocus13 says:


    The boy billionaire was caught red handed…

    Stealing the idea of FaceBook from his college buddies

    That look you speak of it called


    It never washes away

    1. Olde Owle says:

      Ah…The ethics of the leftist nerd.

      What a surprise ! ! !

  2. Paull Cudak says:

    John, You are really SLOW on the draw. You just realizing this? Don’t you know that is the backbone of every Progressive Liberal? Do as I say not as I do. It’s perfectly OK for me to disobey local ordinances, because I have money and I supported hrc. I can misdirect news on my site and blame an algorithm even though we wrote it… I can tear down homes and rebuild with WALLS surrounding them to keep the HOI POLLOI away, but you better not close those borders because we need more cheap unskilled labor so we can waste all of your tax dollars on feeding, and educating, and housing, and providing healthcare, while we COMPLAIN about the money we spend on the Military and never provide the veterans with proper care

    1. bees_knees_6 says:

      I’m thinking Jon is not the SLOW one. Please note that the false information was mostly damaging to Clinton. But yep….keep on with your liberal comments. You are one bitter individual.

      1. ​​Your party just lost an election to the worst candidate this country has ever seen – it might not be a bad idea to try some introspection and reaching out to the other side instead of your continual condescending dismissal.

  3. George Kowal says:

    What type of follow-the-crowd stooge embraces FakeBook for any reason other than creating a phony profile for convenience sake, such as logging in various sites and spying on past acquaintances – who frequently/prudently limit access to personal information previously available to the masses.