NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (AP) — The mother of a University of Massachusetts Amherst student who died of a heroin overdose has filed a $6 million lawsuit against the school and another student charged with selling her son the drugs.

Francesca Sinacori’s suit filed last month seeks $5 million from the university for breach of contract, and $1 million from the other student for wrongful death.

Twenty-year-old Eric Sinacori, of Whitehouse Station, New Jersey, was found dead in his off-campus apartment in October 2013. He was an informant for campus police at the time after police agreed not to press drug charges if he cooperated with them.

The suit says the university violated Francesca Sinacori’s right to be informed of her son’s illicit drug activity.

A university spokesman didn’t immediately respond Thursday to a request for comment.

  1. Hope Rice says:

    Years ago when I was employed in the main office of a large suburban high school I was instructed by our principal that we were not to discuss the drug problems in our school. They protected the problem fearing a law suit from a parent who did not want to tarnish their reputation. I remember telling him I was surprised that a parent did not sue the school for protecting the problem more aggressively than they were protecting our students. I must have been born too soon as I believe we are now realize what a problem we have with these dangerous drugs and it does take cooperation from everyone. I admire this mother and I hope the courts will hear her case and this will put those on notice who would rather hide the problem than confront it.

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