BOURNE (CBS) – A major fire has left a local foundation wishing for a Christmas miracle. The flames destroyed thousands of gifts meant for military families.

The Cape Cod Military Support Foundation says it takes all year to stock up for their annual Christmas party.

“It’s all gone,” says Don Cox. “It’s melted, it’s destroyed.”

Don Cox says he believes in miracles and he’s going to need one in order to pull off his annual Operation Santa Christmas Party. The storage facility, which housed thousands of his donations, went up in flames after a fire ripped through the Cape Cod Military Support Foundation building in Bourne.

“Everything, four years-worth of work up in flames,” Cox said.

The organization hosts four major events a year, their biggest being the Operation Santa Party for hundreds of military families and their children on December 11.

“It takes a whole year to collect gifts and giveaways,” Cox says.

The fire consumed 70% of all of the donations he planned to give away at the Christmas party which serves 800 military families. He has just 31 days to pull it off and is looking for help.

“We need cash donations to replace the decorations and supplies we had,” Cox said. “We need toys, we need stocking stuffers.”

And while time is running out Don Cox hopes the season of giving will cast some light on this pile of rubble.

“It’s overwhelming but you know it’s not insurmountable, we will get it done, one way or another these kids will have a party,” Cox said.

An account for donations has been set up at The Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod, and anyone who wants to drop off toys can do so at any of the bank’s branches.  Donations can also be made online at