MEDFORD (CBS) — A post on the Medford Police Patrolmen’s Association Facebook page caused controversy online over the weekend.

The post showed Medford Police officers at the Fall Festival in Haines Square Saturday posing with a person in a Hillary Clinton mask and prison clothes. The officers were smiling and holding the person in handcuffs as if they were arresting them.

(Screenshot from Medford Police Patrolmen's Association Facebook page)

(Screenshot from Medford Police Patrolmen’s Association Facebook page)

The caption on the photo read, “Look who MPD grabbed at the Fall Festival in Haines Square today…”

In another photo, the officers posed with someone in a Donald Trump mask, with the caption, “Making America GREAT again in West Medford Square!!”

(Screenshot from Medford Police Patrolmen's Association Facebook page)

(Screenshot from Medford Police Patrolmen’s Association Facebook page)

Harry MacGilvray, president of the Medford Police Patrolmen’s Association, admitted poor judgement in making the post.

“These were Halloween costumes.  It was meant totally as a joke. I apologize if this offended anyone in any way,” MacGilvray said in a statement. “I never expected this sort of reaction. It was poor judgment on my part.”

The posts have since been removed.

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  1. Jim Morrison says:

    Has Barack Hussein said “the Medford Police Department acted stupidly” yet?

  2. In the heart of Clinton country, and from members of a public union, no less. Ouch, Democrats.

  3. Chas Youngs says:

    Please America,
    Be VERY careful when you vote….
    There is an UN-indicted felon
    on our ballot….

    It matters not, crimes that we’re smelli’n
    She says: “I don’t know”.. (She ain’t telli’n.)
    When backed to the wall,
    Say’s: “I just don’t recall”.

    Because HillaryClinton’s a felon.

    Vote Trump / Pence
    Save your Country

  4. Let’s get the REAL Hillary face in there!

  5. Clinton deserves nothing less than execution for treason.

  6. Lock her up.


  7. Cops are toast. This is conduct unbecoming. I am a Trump supporter and retired chief of police. No department can tolerate this type of partisan activity by officers in uniform.

    1. Luis, it looks like people have had just about enough of her shiite, regs be damned.

    2. immafubared says:

      Lighten up Luis. Comey gave them a pardon already. LOL

  8. Too bad, snowflakes.
    Lock her up!

  9. Steve Austin says:

    the video of Hillary is funny because you can hear that there only about 20 people in the room.

  10. First the Democrats loved James Comey, now they hate him.

  11. Keith Diggs says:


  12. Chris Guy says:

    This is going to happen anyway so I don’t see the harm. Lock her up!

  13. Buncha libtarded crybabies. Snivel, snivel – Whine, whine.

  14. immafubared says:

    I hope all those police officers get promoted for doing their jobs. Saw a great Hill costume, the mask and a black and white striped jail outfit. Truely beutiful

  15. Joe Casepack says:

    They act as if they have freedom of speech… off with their heads!

  16. Hillary and Democrats are the American version of Stalin and his henchman. Project Veritas and wikileaks has exposed the liars. This guy Creamer visited the Whitehouse over 300 times!! He is the one who hired the hate filled henchman attacking innocent Trump supporters.,,Wikileaks showed the collusion between press and campaign. Reporters Like Thrush & Leibovich Are Caught By wikileaks Colluding With Hillary…Disgusting liars…

    Even Soros financed Politico is calling collusion from Hillary and press disgusting !! Wikileaks even exposed Politico’s own writer with collusion. Welcome to state run press soon with Hillary

  17. Shame on all of you who think that the President of the Police Union dressed up as Hillary Clinton is ok. This is Medford nearby the campus of Tufts University. If you think that this is the message that should be conveyed good for you and your lack of Judgement. Equal appalling is the lack of any poster who thought that pictures were in good taste. We Live in a Democracy, and there should be polite discourse with those we disagree with. Please value the country you live in, for if you don’t . One day, you will find yourself not tolerated for your divergent views. And you yourself will long for the days when what made America great is the ability to disagree, and be diverse.

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