By Matt Dolloff, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — There are many reasons why the NFL’s ratings are down in 2016. You may be dismissive of the very idea that the backlash to the national anthem protests, sparked by the 49ers’ Colin Kaepernick, has played a role in the NFL’s TV ratings, which have dropped by about 12 percent year-over-year. To continue to dismiss that is to blatantly ignore legitimate data on the subject.

A fresh poll from Seton Hall surveyed 841 adults across the U.S. Each respondent was asked to identify seven separate factors as a reason for the NFL ratings drop, allowing them to answer “yes” or “no” for each of them. The leading factor, according to the poll, was the national anthem protests, which scored “yes” at a rate of 56 percent.

Other answers also scored “yes” at a high rate, including 50 percent of “yeses” for coverage of the presidential election, 47 percent for the league’s handling of domestic violence cases, 44 percent for the over-saturation of the market, 39 percent for increased interest in postseason baseball, and 33 percent for controversy over head injuries and player safety.

Interestingly enough, the lowest score, tied with player safety at 33 percent, was “a decline in quality of play on the field.” Many would cite this as the overriding factor to all of this, and it certainly is factoring in. It’s easier to turn the games off for other reasons if the games aren’t fun to watch in the first place.

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Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers kneels on the sideline during the anthem prior to the game against the Dallas Cowboys on October 2, 2016 in Santa Clara, California. (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)

Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers kneels on the sideline during the anthem prior to the game against the Dallas Cowboys on October 2, 2016 in Santa Clara, California. (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)

The point here, however, is that there are many Americans out there who view the players’ national anthem protest as a sign of disrespect to the American flag, the sanctity of which they take very seriously. Hundreds of fans have emailed me on the subject, and many of them agreed with Kaepernick’s right to protest injustices but disagreed with his method of doing so.

In some circles, Kaepernick’s protests have actually had the opposite effect, sparking discussions over the national anthem and patriotism rather than the issue that he wishes to raise awareness of among citizens, police violence against African-Americans. He also doesn’t seem to understand how that happened. Many emailers have cited the NFL’s decisions to not only allow players to protest the national anthem but disallow the Dallas Cowboys from honoring fallen police officers with a decal on their helmets as a “tipping point” for them to ultimately turn away from pro football.

Kaepernick certainly has a right to protest over that issue, just as now-former NFL viewers have the right to change the channel over what they view as blatant disrespect of the American flag and national anthem. The NFL has long been one of the country’s most popular forms of escapist entertainment, and the injection of social and political issues into the broadcasts has turned a number of fans away. It may not be the only cause for the NFL’s ratings decline, but it may be a bigger factor than you think.

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Comments (354)
  1. Kevin Dayton says:

    Think of it this way– The NFL sells it’s content to the networks for 7 Billion Dollars and they just lost 12% of that. If you round off, Kaepernick’ s sit down cost the NFL a billion dollars.

    1. Neuro Mancer says:

      It’s costing them $250 million a week to keep that jerk on the team. Most people wouldn’t miss a thing if they went out of business entirely (college ball is more exciting anyway).

      1. College football is WAAAAY more exciting and interesting than the pro game!!!

      2. Ja Busse says:

        And if his performance is any indicator he really doesn’t belong in our country anyway. Better he comes to the stadium locker room to find his gear in the dumpster outside. But San Francisco has become the city of illegals so don’t expect the club to deport him any time soon. They need someone who will do a job Americans won’t do. (a bad job)

      3. Bud Wood says:

        The strike of several years ago simply transferred my interest to college football. No more pro football for me.

    2. Contra Ventus says:

      The NFL is now nothing but a ‘globalist’ organization looking to rake in billions from foreign franchises. They could give a damn about America or American jobs or inner city youth, or any American youth for that matter, just more elites looking to get rich on other people’s money.

      Kaepernick, of course, does not seem to have the intellectual ability to grasp this.

    3. gorbud says:

      I started drifting away from the NFL a few years ago. The quality of play and the boring repetition of those plays. The protests have accelerated my drift to the point that I only watch my local teams and nothing else. The rest of them I really don’t care enough to be bothered.
      Sports players as political figures is laughable. Most could not find Russia on a map. Their actions are just posturing.

      1. DimpledRumpSkin says:

        Heck, he probably couldn’t find earth on a globe.

      2. Bud Wood says:

        Oh yes, he could if the globe was elongated, so it looked like a football.

    4. jack clapper says:

      If you are in the military or know someone who has left their home and their family to go abroad and risk their life for this country this is very offensive. My neighbor just had his second kid and is now stationed in Kuwait for six months trying to make ends meet and you see this guy living in a mansion unwilling to even stand out of respect for the sacrifice people have made so he can be rich and free is justifiably disgusting.

      1. That’s my feeling exactly. He has so much to be grateful for in a country that has allowed him to succeed beyond the wildest dreams of 99.99% of Americans and he’s going to act like a petulant ungrateful brat? I can’t bear to watch anymore.

    5. Ken Trefaller says:

      Kaepernicks and BLM positons are based on lies. The Trayvon Martin and Ferguson shootings were judged to be self defense and legal. there was no “injustice”.

      1. And we have to watch the idiots “showboating” after each touchdown, all of which are obviously pre-planned, complete with dreadlocks. No thanks.

    6. Paul In Pittsburgh says:

      That’s the problem though, with the NFL and the rest of the networks in general. Most of that revenue comes from the carriage fees the networks “negotiate” with CATV & SATV providers who then have to force the network bundles on their customer. Whether you watch the games or not if you’re a CATV or SATV customer the NFL is still getting your money.

      Forced bundling is was “news” channels like CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, Bloomberg etc have virtually no viewers and remain on the air … because you subsidize and ratings mean nothing.

      Hopefully President Trump will sign a consumer cable choice bill and put an end to forced bundling once and for all and we these leeches, NFL chief amongst them, go away.

    7. Im sure George Soros, Warren Buffet, or one of the other elite 1% will re-imburse the NFL for any losses. This is about a campaign and corruption more than it is about patriotism.

    8. shut NFL down America it would be a very patriotic act

      1. Dan Tolbert says:

        Amen! In Texas, they had a bunch of High Schooler’s & a Pee-Wee Group from Black-area Houston try it.. The Sports Org controlling the Games, gave HS a Hard Warning they would forfeit any games they did it in & the South Texas Pee-Wee Org controlling Pee-Wee football Kick Out & Shut Down the team that did the protest…. NEEDS TO HAPPEN TO EVERY SINGLE TEAM OR PLAYER.

    9. Joy Edwards says:

      When all the players start taking 12% salary decreases he better find a hole to climb into.

    10. Freedom of Speech = Freedom of Speech
      We have answered the NFL and the sponsors with Freedom of turning off the NFL and their sponsors.

    11. jkozuh says:

      Blacks are only 13% of the US population, but commit 65% of the VIOLENT CRIMES in America:

      When is the mainstream-media going to expose this NATIONAL EMERGENCY … ???

    12. John Weekley says:

      Polls continue to show that black NFL players are becoming less and less popular, because of those few who are dishonoring our National Anthem, our flag, our veterans, and our citizens. You see, our National Anthem is not about the government; it’s about us (all of us including blacks) and our flag which represents us…not our government. I don’t care about the NFL and their players who are self-aggrandizing and showing off by disrespecting our country and all of us in this selfish and ignorant way. Thank goodness it’s not happening with the Dallas Cowboys…America’s Team.

    13. Donnie Ellis says:

      As soon as you take political sides with the machine i walk off the field. Goodbye Target, Goodbye NFL, and Goodbye Starbucks. Target was easy.

  2. Farnsworth says:

    haven’t watched a game this year, canceled NFL Sunday ticket and not playing fantasy football.

    Hit’em where they live in, in the pocket book. OBTW Goodell, I won’t be back next year either.

    1. Vincent DiCarlo says:

      Goodell is between a rock and a hard place. I hate to say this, but the fact is most NFL players are black. If he comes down hard on Kaepernick, he risks stirring up a lot more racial tension than this second rate quarterback could ever generate on the sideline. Best to let it play itself out. I think the media has role in this too. They need to ignore the political aspects of the players, and just concentrate on the game.

      1. Ralph Martin says:

        So are all those black players gonna quit their multimillion dollar jobs because one dude couldnt be bothered to do his protesting outside of his job? You know what? I have things id like to protest but when i do it i take a day off of work if im going to do it or i do it on my days off on the weekend. He has plenty of time in the summer to do all his protesting. You place of employment is not the place to be political.

      2. JamesWilliams44 says:

        The answer is simple. Do the anthem while the spoiled brats are still in the locker room.

      3. Huge Jorgen says:

        Guess that’s why cowards shouldn’t run the game.

      4. Lonnie Parmenter says:

        Quit giving Kapernick the publicity he is seeking. Don’t show his protests on camera–this will have the same effect that not showing fans running on the field has had. We are interested in the game not someone’s political beliefs. If you stop talking about it–the fans will return.

      5. Dunnwiftha NFL says:

        I’m finished with the NFL. It has been a gradual process over the last few years. The NFL has turned into the National Felons League to a certain extent, and I fail to draw any entertainment value watching 11 barely literate street thugs playing a kid’s game. The product being presented by the owners is unacceptably racist to me, the league is 68% – 70% black. Regularly a team will field 11 blacks on the field, not even a token representation for whites. In the old days it was declared racist to have a football league that was overwhelmingly white. Now that it is overwhelmingly black nobody bats and eye and everyone is supposed to accept it as the new normal. The outright cowardice of the owners who refuse to rein in players using the arena as a platform for supporting Black Lives Matters idiocy was the last straw for me. Done and D-O-N-E!

    2. Abel Garcia says:

      Draft Condeliza Rice for NFL Commish!

  3. ata777 says:

    boy, there’s a shocker–if you’re a clueless progressive

    1. Neuro Mancer says:

      Clueless and progressive is a tautology. It’s also an apt description of the NFL owner class.

    2. gorbud says:

      This guy looks like a person who stepped out of a time machine. Lose the Hughy Newton hairdo. what is it 1968??

      1. Indian Andy says:

        He’s a poor man’s Super Fly.

      2. Nah, he’s a circa 1960’s porn actor.

  4. Mitch Rapp says:

    Fans are sick and tired of being preached to by spoiled brat players. If they want to do a protest, fine, do it on your own dime. Not on the stage that the NFL is paying for. On top of that, the networks are now allowing announcers and commentators to use their time while broadcasting games to preach ignorant, wrong minded social agendas. Bob Costas is the worlds worst at this. I want to watch the game. I don’t want to be preached down to about the commentators latest social crusade.

  5. Casey Walker says:

    Bingo – it’s the escapism that’s lost and it doesn’t matter whether the lives that matter are black or blue. People tune in to escape, not to watch political arguments.

  6. Nifty says:

    As long as I have a choice on the matter. I am not taking my girls to Target where any perv can use a gender excuse to be in a bathroom I cannot go into. I am not watching football all weekend long since they disagree with the country I feel grateful for. I just feel like the expectation that I show up where our family values are despised is asking a lot of my family.

    1. Deplorable Joe Voter (fedup) says:

      Absolutely spot on.

    2. GS says:

      I am doing the same thing you are – NO Target, NO NFL. Keep up the good fight. When I don’t go to this store or watch football I think of all of the other American Heroes doing the same thing.

      And yes I used to watch all the games I could, and yes I played fantasy football. But some things are most important.

      Go True Americans.

  7. daizeez says:

    The NFL would not allow Dallas to apply a decal to their helmets in support of police not long after the shootings in Dallas of police officers. There is a double standard that is aggravating to watch. Our family no longer watches the games for the disrespect these multi-million dollar players show to our country’s anthem and flag.

  8. Vincent DiCarlo says:

    Sorry…not buying it. I’m just tired of them spreading 60 minutes of football into a four hour show. The games aren’t that boring, but I got to the point where I can’t stand to listen to the color men anymore. Same old cliches from one week to another. Now when I watch a game (seldom) I turn off the sound.

    1. michael says:

      YES!!! The commercial breaks kill me, which is exactly why I’ve been a soccer fan the last 7 years. I don’t waste half a day in front of the TV.

    2. Derek Veith says:

      The problem with that argument is that the games are not significantly longer than they were in past years. When looking for a cause, you want to look at what has changed. Part of the problem is that the game feels longer because they are filling the extra space talking about all the political things. Sports needs to be sports. It’s our break from politics. I’ve reduced my NFL time to almost nothing. Last year I watched every game I could.

  9. Tom Moylan says:

    I’m 62 years old, played football and have been watching th NFL since the AFL merger. I have lost complete respect for the league managemnt as well as the players for many reasons. Colin Kapernick was the catalyst to push me over the top. 12 minutes of action for 3 hours of viewing and watchong these idiots durrung the anthem did it.

  10. markloebig says:

    i used to wait all year to watch football. haven’t watched a game this year, not even the steelers. done with the NFL and their idiot protests.

  11. Crew Jobs says:

    You too may be dismissive of those who are boycotting NFL games because of Kaepernick and his cronies. Now ask yourself why you were fed and are so eager to believe, the false narrative that there is no boycott, or that it’s just a small, ineffective boycott.

  12. kek says:

    Billion dollar business being ruined by a bunch of malcontent People Of Color. Should have crushed the uprising but you have no backbone. Eat it NFL you deserve it.

  13. Gary Gary says:

    By allowing these so called protests I say to hell with the NFL ! The NFL has lowered their hiring standards and as a result if full of woman beaters, drunks, druggies, and morally corrupt anti Americans ! Americans have better things to do on Sunday than put up with BS like this !

  14. Bob McKenzie says:

    I’m taking a knee on the NFL games this year.

  15. John Aita says:

    any league that has a place for this tool but no room for tebow can go f itself. along with MSESPNBC.

    1. jnsesq says:

      Hear, hear, John!

  16. Barry bin Inhalin says:

    To use a term familiar to the NFL: bet on it.

  17. justltl says:

    I have been a Steelers fan since childhood. I loved watching games on television. I have watched no games since Kaepernick’s disrespectful protest that has been supported by the NFL. None. Zero. It has been much easier than I thought that it would be.

  18. Dave says:

    That’s exactly why I am not watching. I haven’t watched a single game since these spoiled millionaires decided to use my entertainment for their political forum, and I won’t until it stops.

    If the NFL wants to engage in political activism, then it’s a two-way street, and I get a say as well. My protest is turning it off, until they decide to make the NFL about football again.

  19. Jeff Johnson says:

    Haven’t watched, won’t watch, haven’t missed it for a second…who knew! This time of year baseball, hockey, basketball, college football, and NASCAR easily fill my need to watch sports. Soon college basketball will start. Not enough room in my sports schedule, or life, to be insulted by the NFL.

  20. Bryan Gottfried says:

    When you consider that a huge market for the NFL is also a huge base of support for Trump, I think what you’re seeing is a bunch of people have finally had enough and are voting with their actions by turning off the TV and will also be voting with similar motivation in the voting booth. If you think those supporting Clinton are the ones turning off the NFL because of the anthem protests, you’re mistaken. Most of the hipster beta-males with their skinny jeans and “man bunned” hair don’t watch it anyways, and they wouldn’t be offended enough to turn off the NFL even if they watched it to begin with. The silent majority is speaking. Better recognize.

  21. jon says:

    actually the players have no legal right to protest when employed for salary during a private event. but the nfl lacks the guts to say no.

  22. As an American first, I could have saved you the polling and told you that.

    Stupid MSM media. You are not our overlords. Back TF off!.

  23. Buck Sargent says:

    The NFL has become too PC at the same time that it apparently finds that trashing the foundation of the country is okay. Until the NFL cleans up its act, I’ll exercise my right to tune out.

    1. KIMs an IDIOT says:

      You spelled “Sergeant” wrong. Poser.

      1. Griffin Edward says:

        It’s a last name thunderbolt

  24. jabusse says:

    based on the 47ers performance in the last two games it might be better if the kneeling duo doesn’t suit up. They can kneel at church. Praise the Lord!

  25. josh evans says:

    I love football. I played football –not nfl — i wish. However, I for one will not watch a game until the NFL roots out these unpatriotic spoiled brats. I also hate how it has become an individual sport. The media and teams award such behavior when they should be punishing it. All of the chest pumps and excess me me me celebrations along with this b.s. behavior is destroying the sport I love.

  26. the ghost says:

    I think its only a matter of time before those who control the purse strings of the NFL crunch the numbers, see how much money their losing and take Mr. Kaepernick & the rest of the kneeling clowns to the woodshed for a “come to Jesus” meeting!

  27. BanTheTalmud says:

    Everyone is rejecting the garbage made by the inbred and increasingly retarded followers of the Babylonian Talmud cult. TV, movies, garbage trash music, all of it is going straight into the garbage dump where it belongs, along with the Talmudic mafia garbage who produce it.

  28. Joe E in the IE says:

    Plummeting NFL TV ratings, Hollywood box office in a death spiral, alphabet TV networks losing viewers . . . anyone else in the sports and entertainment industries care to see how long you survive if all you serve up is constant reminders of how much you despise the American middle class?

  29. patsy corelle says:

    They forgot too much celebrating…..player runs 10 yards and starts jumping up and down and his team is loosing .Did they forget EVERY play is designed to cross the goal line and anything short of that is less than celebratory .

  30. Guyver says:

    Look close Blacks. THIS is how you protest, with money. Disrespect gets you hatred. Hit them in their wallet and people listen.

  31. ExNFLfan says:

    Boycott the NFL. They don’t want to give the appearance that they support cops, but they allow players to openly disrespect cops, and America. And think of this; we make these players rich by watching their games and buying season tickets, but many of these players privately don’t like most Americans.

  32. joe Jacobs says:

    You see this c**p in nfl gangster ball but not in the gentelmans game baseball

  33. voodoodaddy1 says:

    Kaepernick’s “right” does NOT exist on a NFL field. Each Team is a private enterprise and that team can fire any player for conduct that effects the team in a negative manner. Free speech does NOT apply here. The fact the NFL teams allow it is why fans turn away. We can ignore one idiot. When the team and league allows it-screw them all. I haven’t watched ONE game this year. Used to watch 4-5 a week.

  34. Lou Anthony says:

    Ask the Univ. of Missouri the same question as to why their enrollment is down by thousands. They caved to the BLM crowd and had that crazy professor try to get physical with a student reporter. The ‘fly-over’ people are getting fed up with the liberals/dems/progressives agenda.

  35. I came of age as a Steeler fan during the Steel Curtain Era, the grandson of a steel worker. You can only imagine the impact that mythical team had on the psyche of an adolescent. After Sunday Mass, I’d then worship at the alter of the Black and Gold. Despite that, the beginning of the end for me was when Dan Rooney decided to become a shameless liberal political shill to atone for his “white guilt” owing (in his mind) to his old man’s good fortune at the race track which was spent to purchase a modern day plantation. And my continuing disaffection was compounded the Rooneys’ unprincipled (and hypocritical) decision to shield a rapist.

  36. ExNFLfan says:

    This is what happens when liberalism creeps into organizations like the NFL. It destroys what’s good about anything. Liberals are unhappy and always have chips on their shoulders.

  37. glen says:

    I have not watched any football games this year. I’m so sick of the players, the league, and the news coverage. I would just like to watch the game. Its seems to be less about the game and more about individuals making there opinions about social issues. Maybe i’ll try next year.

  38. There are a lot of other reasons besides the protest like: million dollars received celebration after catching a ball with nobody around them, kick off rules changes, def being held to a standard of no head hits while offense running backs can lower their heads, just blowing on a QB getting a flag, all the games on TV (Sunday, Monday and Thursday night football), and fantasy football (redone TV).

  39. Chuck says:

    We stopped watching CBS Hawaii 50 also, because of the pro-Clinton, anti-Constitutional show this past week. Anyway, the NFL is too violent fro my children.

  40. Charles Lee Ray says:

    Obnoxious players, anti white racists, thugs, bullies, drug users, gang members, thieves, perverts, cheaters, women abusers, and a Napoleon commissioner who has his head stuck up to his chest. Idiotic announcers, women in locker rooms, and totally obscene salaries and bonuses. Billionaire owners stiffing the public for sky high ticket, parking, food & drink prices. Taxpayers getting stuck for new stadiums, repairs, and upgrades. Lousy officiating. Then there’s a growing encyclopedia of idiotic rules, time outs for TV commercials, and reminding everyone of cancer on game day. Moving right along – NFL Products price gouging, the anti-Second Amendment stance, and “celebrating” the “gay lifestyle”. And now, disrespect for the American flag. FLIP THE CHANNEL.

    1. Jack Pod says:

      Very well stated Charles. That is exactly how I feel along with millions of former NFL viewers.

  41. Vietvet says:

    I am so sick of “well paid” Entertainers who insist on putting out their “personal” opinions during time that people paid good money to see them PERFORM. What a concept Huh?? If they PLAY sports or SING, DANCE, do Stage or screen… protest on YOUR time and not the time people paid for. STFU and do what you were paid to do. If you have political issues… put them out like the rest of us… on OUR time. You are more like cowards and will only present your issues when you have a captive audience and not set up your own venue on your own dime.

  42. Jack Pod says:

    The NFL’s ratings tanking because of unpatriotic acts committed by their employees with the support of top management. It doesn’t get any better than that.

  43. As a small business owner from the start of this I thought the league should have stopped any and all protest since they may not agree with some so why approve any. Now if they try to do something it will really offend some of their players but now they are offending some of their fans. They blew this from the start now its too late

  44. Vietvet says:

    By the way… I haven’t been to or even watch a Pro Football Game this season… not even those of my favorite team…

  45. Marie Browning says:

    Couldn’t wait for football season; the protests started and we stopped watching. The NFL picks and chooses what it lets the players do or not do. Can’t honor the Dallas Police but can protest. Can’t wear certain socks, can’t celebrate a TD but you can insult the flag. Tired of the political BS. These players are fortunate to have these opportunities; too bad they don’t appreciate them.

  46. Karen says:

    I was mad because Directv charges me full price while new customers get NFL package for free. The Kaepernick disgrace was the last straw. I have been a NY Jet fan through alot of bad seasons, but they could win the SuperBowl this year and I wouldn’t watch.

    Lady Gaga and Beyonce as halftime entertainment?

  47. Kim A Kirk says:

    The NFL didn’t see this coming? Really??

  48. Hill411 says:

    I no longer watch the NFL nor do I support any of the sponsors of the game. If a player wants to protest, fine but not while on the field. I wonder how much outcry would have occurred if a player waved a Confederate battle flag, a player shouted anti-gay slogans, a player burned the quran (?). Yeah, the National Anthem means a great deal to those of us who served and our families who waited for our return.

  49. Chas O says:

    There are approximately 1000 police killinggs annually, about 400 are black. The majority of those occur when victim had weapon and 25% when victim was shooting, etc. So maybe 100 suspect killings of blacks a year out of 43 million.

    If the media has an ageda they can make 100 subspect killings appear to be 100,000. We have Soros/BLM to thank for that. In Chicago alone there have already been 3,600 shootings and 561 killed (mostly young black men) this year. But no BLM demonstrations and very little news coverage.

  50. No one Important says:

    Eventually, the “NFL” will realize that Kaepernick and Goodell are very, very bad for business. Don’t forget, they all have monster contracts that won’t be able to be paid if the revenues/viewership isn’t there. Can’t charge NFL level fees if the viewership isn’t any higher than some TV show. Think the rest of the players are going to appreciate Goodell and Kaepernick killing their incomes? Have fun finding a new job, while the rest of the nation moves on. Hint: Send Kaepernick and the others to the locker room to take a knee. We don’t need to see them on camera.

  51. RD Scott says:

    I’ve been a die hard NFL fan since I was about 6 years old (I’m now 64). I’ve attended dozens and dozens of Colts games, traveled to Cincy, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, etc. to see other NFL venues (of course playing the Colts).

    These anti-American, racist demonstrations is absolutely, 100% the reason I am no longer watching the NFL. I’ve not bought any more tickets to see the Colts this year, and I won’t watch a single game on TV… Well, maybe the Super Bowl if the Pony’s are in it.

    These black, multi-millionaires are spoiled brat athletes that wouldn’t know “social justice” if it slapped them up side the head. They are shameful and the NFL should be ashamed of itself for not only tolerating it but actually condoning it.

    1. Jim Irsay, the Colts owner, fired the one player on his team that “took a knee”.

  52. JP says:

    Hope Goodell trips over a football & dies

  53. Dusty Rhodes says:

    As a former 49er season ticket holder, I will not watch any 49er game. So far this year I watched Brady play in a couple of games that were shown on local TV, but that’s about it. I also cancelled my cable access to the various NFL channels.

    Semper Fi!

  54. surfpick says:

    Ridiculous ripoff prices to attend a game.
    The NFL deserves this smackdown.
    The owners must REALLY despise Kaepernick.

    Fantasy Football is a bunch of couch potatoes desperate to make the game about THEM.
    It’s not about you. It’s about athletes.

  55. Tex Taylor says:

    I refuse to watch another NFL game and the only plays I’ve watched were during the channel surfing. Good riddance.

    But there is an even bigger issue than a borderline moron and ingrate like Colin Kaepernick and his band of tools that I didn’t see mentioned.

    An idiot commissioner and political activist that encourages his player’s social activism. Goodell couldn’t be more stupid. Adam Silver, NBA Commissioner, is another that will not be getting my viewership anymore.

    Hey, if these useful idiots want to protest our country, great. Let them.

    It is then my duty to make sure the ingrates are absolutely as irrelevant as possible for their actions and to scorn and mock them for the remainder of our days.

  56. ImaHippyBurning says:

    Sorry! Cannot and Will NOT in ANY way support a bunch of “Privileged” Over Paid, Politically Correct Stooges who get paid Millions to play a game while showing total disrespect for America and what she represents as Millions of our citizens go hungry!

    I would rather see our Country support those of High Intellect then Sports Idols in order to help us get back to Number One status in The World especially in Academics!

  57. Harvey Gardner says:

    The protests are disrespectful to fans, because the watch the games for entertainment. They are insulted when players take advantage of their celebrity to make political statements. It’s the wrong plane and the wrong time to be political. It’s insulting.

  58. Totally given up on the PC NFL. Overpaid big babies. Will not be back!

  59. Bill says:

    I do not watch the NFL now. Baseball and college football are my primary sport viewing and NASCAR as a secondary. NFL ,to me, are punks,thugs, and disrespectful young men playing a game that will not exist in 20 years, due to the financial liabilities of concussions. Most men I see watching care only about their bets and/or fantasy team. Kapernick is wrong. If he lived anywhere else , he could not protest.Do not protest the country that gives you that right–Go out and spend some of your millions helping the folks you believe are being abused.

  60. Mike says:

    Either the NFL bosses reject the unfounded claims of Black Lives Matter and get rid of this uneducated idiot Kaepernick, or they go out of business.

  61. cleo48 says:

    Why should anyone endure over-paid lefties hurling feces on our sensibilities. Who needs the abuse? There are plenty of other forms of entertainment that are pleasant.

  62. My thug-o-meter’s maximum was seriously exceeded with the NFL over two decades ago. I’ve quit having anything to do with most professional sports because of the thug factor. Getting ready to leave golf, also, if the players can’t restrain themselves from hocking loogies all over the golf courses and looking like they don’t have the funds to get a haircut and shave.

  63. 56% is way too low, it appears that liberals who responded just LIED.

  64. L Stewart says:

    Freedom of speech is protection of right to criticize the government not to just say anything you want as it has been corrupted to. in the case of this fool, he does not have the right to do anything on his employer’s time except to work.

  65. jnsesq says:

    Roger, think of it as a variant on how the NFL “cared” about its concussion victims. (Remember the league’s effort to destroy Dr. Omalu for daring to bring light to the subject?)

    Now you’re discovering American Patriots’ own version of black lives matter — your guys don’t matter so much after all.

    I’m a Deplorable who used to watch nearly every televised game, even the stinkers, but I haven’t watched a single game this year after the Thursday night opener when the PC BS finally ran amuck. (I could even resentfully live with politically correct diseases introducing pink sneakers to the game, but where were the blue ones for testicular cancer? That’s what I thought.)

    Nope, I’ve found other things to do with my Sundays — oh, and my Monday nights and my Thursday nights.

    See ya — or, rather, I won’t.

  66. Alex Eucare says:

    Keep Kneelin’ KAP…….

    WE THE PEOPLE…..Don’t Care About ENTITLED WHINERS Anymore.

    Try Living in Venezuela……Bangladesh…….or South Sudan….FOR a MONTH……

    Then Come Back Home and If You STILL Want to WHINE….OK !

  67. Wags says:

    Hey Kaepernick, Why don’t you protest by not playing a few games. Go on strike. That’s a way to put your money where your mouth is!!!

  68. Phil says:

    LOOKS like a throwback from the 70’s with that jiggaboo afro. This THUG should have been thrown off the team the first time his LOW I.Q. porch folk decided to boycott the national anthem.

  69. Timofei says:

    Boycott all professional sports.

    Our society can achieve a lot more in terms of real economic activity if we focus less on that tyep of entertainment.

    Consider how some people dedicate their lives to being fans – what if they spent that time doing productive things?

  70. tascaso says:

    Its pretty simple NFL, we used to tune in to the games to get away from reality, it was a lot safer than shooting heroin, mind you. We are fed up with the reality of a Federal Government run amok, elections that are pretty much bought and paid for, political movements that are bought and paid for like Black Lives Matter, and on and on and on. There is just so much one can take and when you sit down to watch a football game in order to forget that last thing I want to be reminded of is an overpaid, spoiled brat trying to make a political statement by insulting the US Flag. It does not bring awareness of anything because I turned it off weeks ago! Plus, the NFL was going down the tubes anyway, to many commercials, to much idle chit chat with the announcers, all these cameras and we get views of the crowds, (who cares about them), and rules and penalties that have turned the game into a boring morass of flags and reviews and more commercials. So there you go Godell, go get a real job!

  71. ilovevictoriasbows says:

    Kaepernick, the muslim convert, will run for governor in CA.

  72. Justa Guynamedjoe says:

    Kapernisis has his rights.

    I have mine. I am exercising my right to NOT watch him exercise his.

    And I will exercise that right on college football games if this lunacy continues to spread.

  73. Ken Lea says:

    If they won’t stand for the National Anthem I can’t stand to watch. No longer a fan of the NFL.

  74. Diane Dina says:

    The NFL expects me to let my son watch these punks kneel to our flag? Keep them and their ridiculous salaries.

  75. Justa Guynamedjoe says:

    Not only has the NFL failed to put the kibosh on this stupidity, they have lauded and applauded the players for doing it!

    Its one thing to turn a blind eye, its another thing entirely to pick up pom-poms and cheer them on.

  76. between kaepernick’s disgrace and the replay becoming more common than an actual play, I may stop watching as well. If it weren’t for redzone I would have left already.

  77. jnsesq says:

    If I want to view televised insults to my country I’ll watch the news.

    1. Justa Guynamedjoe says:

      You win the thread. Best comment yet.

      1. jnsesq says:

        Thanks! I kinda liked it too. LOL

  78. Not a Fan Anymore says:

    The Rams and the Rediskins” both ran onto the field with “Hands Up” in support of BLM last year. I quit watching the NFL at that time.
    Goodell won’t let the Cowboys honor fallen Police Officers but will let Kaepernick wear Pigs in a Police uniform socks on the playing field.
    Kaepernick with Goodell’s blessing have reinforced my decision to never watch the NFL again.
    As time goes on they will lose more fans, we tuned in for entertainment, if I wanted to watch ignorant politics I would watch CNN.

  79. Michele O says:

    OMG, i’m having the best day of my 69 yr life today….. just think, NFL PAYS NO TAXES and get BILLION$ from TV stations….. now it’s all coming down on their very PC heads…. GOOD… i’ll NEVER AGAIN watch a stupid fools-ball game again even if i live to be 100….. skru’m…..

  80. Matt says:

    Why they don’t let the kneelers/fist-pumpers go, I dunno. Just cut them loose from their contracts, pay the fee, and be done with them. Most of the kneelers/fist-pumpers are lousy players anyway.

  81. Jason Stone says:

    When these dumb black bigoted athletes speak out abou black-on-black murders and crime in the black communities of America, rather than perpetuating a BLM lie, maybe i’ll give a rat’s butt about the NFL again.

  82. jnsesq says:

    I thought I was going to be a faint whisper in a vast forest when I refused to watch the NFL this year. Thanks for hearing me, American Patriots.

  83. Katy Perry, Gaga, Bruno, it has become a caricature of itself, they just need Richard Dawson doing the emcee work. The no hard hits and all the pass interference (talking to you Brady) calls are too much

  84. pittsdicicco says:

    Way to go NFL! You reap what you sow in high paid spoiled brats like Colin K. I have no sympathy for Roger G. I don’t watch NFL anymore and could care less what happens to it.
    Did they think the public would stand by and tolerate this? And, Roger said he thought it was great. What sort of leadership is that?

  85. Contra Ventus said it very well–the NFL has become an elitist, globalist organization. I’ll add PC, too. You can feel their heavy hand in every aspect of the game. Their refusal to take immediate action on Kapernick is just a symptom of the overall problem.
    I used to watch football for fun–but that sense of fun is gone. There’s always some issue that becomes the drama of the week. I can get drama in my everyday life. On Sunday, I’m looking for 3 hours of pleasant diversion from that drama. I just hope that MLB doesn’t go the same way.

  86. GS says:

    And who said that one person ‘can’t make a difference’?

  87. Richard Forster says:

    That’s like taking a poll to see if the sun will rise in the East or West over the US tomorrow. Everybody knows why the ratings are falling. The NFL took the first hit when they denied the Cowboys respecting the cops murdered by BLM. Then the last straw – more disrespect and the bended knee protests.

    The NFL won’t permit teams to acknowledge fallen cops, but will permit protects in favor of cop killers. Good riddance, I hope the ratings go to 0 and their players can go and flip burgers.

    Is that clear enough, NFL, or you need another poll?

  88. hugolast says:

    Haven’t watched a single minute since he took a squat on the field.

    Be interesting to see who he blames for not having a fat paycheck.

    1. Exit Babylon says:

      CK should be protesting Obamacare. 65 years old here, Niners follower since Kezar Stadium, YA Tittle days. But not watching or listening to Niners. Goodbye NFL. Interest has been lost, and dittos to the above on the Maddona/Gaga satanic half-time rituals.

  89. Kaepernick is costing the NFL billions and he can’t even throw the ball. The NFL is getting exactly what it deserves. It has too many spoiled crybaby little children complaining that life is so hard, as they cash that million dollar weekly check. What is more pathetic than that? Yep I can say, I have not watched an entire game all year, use to watch them all. Heck I don’t even know who played last night in the Thursday Game and don’t care.

  90. Roger Goodell reminds me of the mayor of Amityville that suppressed the truth about the shark for the sake of the tourist business. The NFL is promoting BLM lies for money. I have much better things to do than participate in that fraud.

  91. Jim Harr says:

    The Free Speech argument in this case is nonsense. The 1st amendment gives him the right to say whatever he wants without the government coming after him or preventing him from saying it. It does not, however, prevent his employer from telling him that he may not engage in controversial political speech while engaged in that activity for which he is employed.
    I used to watch football, in part, to get away from all of this. Now, I’m done. And its not because of any boycott. I no longer have any interest. If tomorrow, the kneeling ended, and someone declared the boycott over, I still wouldn’t go back to watching. The NFL is dead to me, and i really don’t miss it.

  92. GD says:

    Maybe Bob Costas can preach to all of us some more like he’s our dad and make us turn the game back on.

  93. Nat George says:

    Anyone with a brain would know this anthem thing is causing the NFL falter. AND IT WILL NOT CHANGE UNTIL THEY GROW A PAIR AND PUT “Pumpernick” in his place.

  94. Moose says:

    Professional football games have become one long TV commercial. Only sport in the world where a game will be stopped every five minutes to sell you something. I stopped watching long before idiots stopped standing for the Anthem.

  95. Sylvester Brock says:

    The NFL teams are private organizations that can set standards of behavior by employees while they are on the job. Kaepernick et al have NO right to disrespect the national anthem unless permitted by the employer. And the NFL as the umbrella organization has the power to tell these ingrates the knock it off. When it does not, a lot of us turn off the TV.

  96. The beauty of it is the NFL revenues keep the major networks a float. Boycotting the NFL (which I am) will hurt their newsrooms more than anything! It’s a win win for those of us who are sick of being treated like a fringe group! Viva Trump!!!!

  97. Sunny Morgan says:

    Every dollar I spend; every minute I spend is a vote ‘for’ a good or service. So every dollar I refuse to spend; every minute I refuse to spend is a vote ‘against’ a good or service. So NFL, I’m voting against every single game where a player takes a knee or refuses to respect the flag and national anthem of the United States of America. I needed to break my addiction to football anyway, so thanks Kapernick for the intervention.

  98. theotherhanddude says:

    The only reason Kaepernick is still in the NFL is his agent wisely dealt for limitations on releasing him if he’s injured or still coming off injury. That was why the SF 49ers kept him on the team. He otherwise met all the low bar requirements for getting waived. The guy can’t throw the ball. He won’t be employed anywhere next year, that’s clear. I suppose he figured what did he have to lose.

  99. gfys says:

    you can slaughter my fellow Americans because they are black but you’d better not protest or I’ll boycott!.

    1. naro10 says:

      Every scientific study shows clearly that blacks are not proportionally more killed by police than whites. It is a fraud to say so. Blacks have much bigger problems than being killed by police. They are more likely to killed by other blacks citizens than cops by well over 1000 to 1 ratio.

    2. Paul Gore says:

      Yea let the NFL fold then put the on the streets selling drugs, they can take a knee all they want.

  100. I quit watching those overpaid children with felonies play selfie football.

    College football is all there is left anymore.
    I can watch the game, its competitive, and there are no chimpouts allowed.

  101. Constantino says:

    Blaming the unpatriotic is analogous to blaming a tree for a casualty in a DWI.
    It’s their liberal ideology, the affirmative action and the “me first” dances, the TV closeups as if it were a beauty pageant, the outspokenness, the constant commercials, penalty flags and the immature pr claim that football is irreplaceable.

    They refuse to honor Dallas’s fallen cops but allow blm displays.
    After 23 years, I’m done. Haven’t watched a game this year & don’t miss it.

  102. Mike Herman says:

    The “escape” part is key. Watching a game used to be a getaway from political issues and social problems, where people could come together in common support of their team, regardless of political views. It has now become a focal point for differences among fans.

  103. naro10 says:

    Here is the TABOO subject that has been left off the survey. The NFL has way too many black players. It is becoming a black sport to which whites can no longer relate in the same numbers as before. Time to increase the diversity on the playing field or the league will be relegated to a niche sport like the NBA with much less than a universal appeal.

  104. Mike Herman says:

    NFL games used to be a place to escape from craziness for a few hours. It’s now part of the craziness I want to get away from.

  105. Once I would like to see an NFL player use their own wallet and protest by buying a full page ad or 30 seconds on TV, then I would know where they are coming from. But to steal the NFL’s microphone and do a shout out is low class

  106. fedup says:

    I watched football to escape the PC police but it has crept deep into the bowels of the NFL. They know what is going on they just did not shut it down right away and now don’t know how to deal with it.

  107. Peter Thielen says:

    THe liberal mafia has brought a national pastime to a sure death spiral. Clearly, the NFL players did not have parents and teachers that instructed the symbolism of the Red stripes within our flag. Failing to stand and honor our fallen heroes is a disgrace to our nation, unless you are a liberal. The people that addressed the farce regarding first amendment rights are accurately stating the first amendment protects you from the government, not the people nor your employer.

  108. frank says:

    The NFL used to have very high standards. Remember fining McMahon for his headbands. Something happened. They took the fun out of it. Then this Sitting down for the Anthem stuff just pushed me and so many people away. I haven’t watched a game this year, and I loved football. I’m just not going to support something that will fine a guy for having the wrong color shoelaces and then be ok with this nonsense. Our kids look up to these people. No games in this house until the league gets their heads out of their butt and starts suspending and fining these overpaid brats..

  109. Paiotism-Matters says:

    KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK AMERICA. WE either stop this or as Ronnie RAYGUN said.

    We’re going to be spending our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children abt a time way back in American history, when men and women were free!

    Not to mention CK has been sitting on the bench making millions as he was a one shot wonder and does not want to lose his golden egg so he does this to prevent the team from trading or firing him. If they do he can scream prejudice. That’s what this is really all about. THE MONEY!

  110. zonkszy says:

    There goes the neighborhood.

  111. Geertrude abergeen says:

    I am just tired of all the commercials.Its hard to follow a game with all the network interuptions

  112. DB says:

    Have not watched a regular season game since this foolishness with Kapernick was allowed. Pay the man and cut him.

  113. VintageMo says:

    That’s not even close to the reason why ratings are dropping…
    The NFL has jumped in bed (with both feet) with the gambling lobby. The fantasy football sites are flooded with draftkings style sports betting. I’ve noticed since it is illegal in my state and it is just an annoyance on every site I use. The result of the gambling push is the fantasy football players and gamblers ONLY watch NFL RedZone channel. RedZone shows the highlights and touchdowns from every game. Who has time to watch multiple games anymore? I only watch my hometown Seahawks game and the MNF if my fantasy win is in the balance. Their push to get everyone to bet and pay attention to all of the games if forcing people to actually watch NONE of the games…. but let’s blame it on the guy that is kneeling for 30 seconds. smh

  114. Harry Lare says:

    I’m willing to wager that half of the protestors can’t even tell you who wrote the National Anthem!

    1. Ozzonelayyer says:

      Half? LOL. I bet it’s more like 90%.

  115. Rick86734 says:

    The owners are scared. They don’t want the stadiums burned down.

  116. Ozzonelayyer says:

    Like everyone else, I’m taking a knee and no more NFL games on my TV.

  117. Peg_C the Deplorable says:

    Not huge fans but we certainly would have watched parts of a number of games by now, this year, but not after all this! Commercials ruin it, tiimeouts ruin it, silly cellies in the endzone ruin it, entitled super-rich players ruin it. But the BLM knee-taking garbage is the straw that breaks our camel’s back!

    We have the NHL. Hockey players have a very different culture, are not highly paid, are extremely skilled, dedicated and patriotic, and it’s an entirely different feel to the game. They frequently honor LEOs or military vets before games. I’d consider watching some NFL again but only if Goodell is gone and there are severe punishments (like benchings) for dissing the flag. Just stand and keep your mouth shut is all we ask.

  118. Amy Smith says:

    Done with all companies & organizations intent on the destruction of our nation’s values, culture & heritage. I will hit them where it will “get their attention” – in the pocketbook. Tired of having agendas of the Globalists & Elites shoved down my throat who want only to turn AMERICA into the wealthy & the poor. Done with the NFL, MSNBC, Twitter, Firefox, Red Cross, CNN, Starbucks, Apple, & anything else that does not respect my American values. Hope the league falls apart. I was an NFL fan all my life but I am DONE with the b.s.

  119. kbworkman says:

    When the NFL got out of sports and into social justice they stopped being one of our national institutions and became one our national disgraces.

    They can go the way of the dinosaur and we will find something else.

    Like politics.

    More fun.

  120. Kitcha says:

    I said it from the beginning this would cost the NFL. Colon Krapinneck has cost the NFL Millions and Millions of dollars, and that is excluding his unwarranted pay. They even put him as starting QB, and they lost. He is a loser that needed a gimmick to not get cut. Now it is costing everyone in the NFL, from the owners, to the stadium, to the vendors to the sports stores.

    Krapinneck was adopted by a white family and was raised with a white brother and sister, whose parents had a great deal of money, did not have to live the ghetto life. Did not have to live in section 8 housing on food stamps. Did not have to take his life in his hand trying to walk to school everyday. He went to a white rich school, in a white home, in a white neighborhood. He doesn’t even understand what oppression is.

    If he was so damned concerned with “his people” being oppressed, why doesn’t he volunteer his time within the black community. Go to the gym, help teach some basketball moves to the under privileged? Why doesn’t he help give a few young men in those communities a head start like he had growing up white? Why does he not say a single word when places like Chicago have one of their bloodiest weekends ever, more black lives lost, and not one word.

    Hypocrite, and fraud.

  121. Middletown says:

    for a lack of a more intelligent reply,


  122. paynedg says:

    It is going to be a billion dollars worth of revenue lost due to this entertainers political stunt.

  123. Rich says:

    Mildly offsensive presumption in the first paragraph by the author of this article, by the way. Perhaps shouldn’t be surprising that a New England liberal might not be aware of how many people (not all of whom reside in coastal areas) are offended by this national anthem garbage.

  124. Joe says:

    Here’s what’s even more worrisome for the NFL — as people stay away from the games, they will learn there really is life beyond the NFL, and they will come to enjoy it. Many/most will never go back.

  125. Vince Hathaway says:

    Colin Kaepernick has the same right to protest that the rest of the citizens have. However, he has NO right to protest at work. None. Zip. Zero. The NFL chose to not fine him for this taking the path of least resistance. Huge mistake. Think about it. If you start protesting pipeline construction or some other issue while you are at work will your employer shut you down. Of course. There is no right to free speech at work.

  126. Ruth S. says:

    It’s certainly the reason I’m not watching this year. That sort of disrespect has no place in our country, especially from a bunch of entitled punks who have done nothing but benefit from the freedom and democracy we enjoy in the USA. I love football, but I love my country more.

  127. trigon says:

    I’ve stopped watching all NFL games this year. Being self-employed, it’s left me with even more time to work. Now, I can almost pay for the increases in my Obamacare.

  128. Founders1791 says:

    If you work for a company then poor mouth their brand and products you get justifiably fired on the spot and escorted out of the building by security. I would fire an entire team and replace them with scabs if necessary to ensure respect for the game and country.

    The NFL in 2016 – 68% black, 32% white, Avg Salary $1.9m
    The NFL in 1991 – 61% black, 39% white, Avg salary $496k
    The NFL in 1974 – 35% black, 65% white, Avg salary $27k
    The NFL in 1951 – 3.3% black

    There is no excuse whatsoever for any player of any color to desecrate our nation when it provides opportunities to all unlike any other place in the world.

  129. Goodwell, hope you get the memo. We love AMERICA. We also love Football, but we love AMERICA more than Football. Memo #2: You are in the ENTERTAINMENT business. We pay to watch entertainment, not be lectured to by immature, hyper-rich athletes about what they “believe.” Your statement about it is “their right to protest as an american (small a)” shows you are a spineless man. These are your EMPLOYEES. If my employees acted like that they’d be on the street. Do the right thing. I WILL NEVER WATCH ANOTHER NFL FOOTBALL GAME AGAIN AS LONG AS THIS CONTINUES.

  130. John Wilson says:

    “Poll: National Anthem Protests Leading Cause For NFL Ratings Drop”

    All normal people with functioning brains have known this for months.

    Try to find one of those sportstalkradiotvshow morons to acknowledge this quite obvious fact.

    Good luck with that!!

  131. jmp1970 says:

    NFL is more of a habit to me than anything. If the NFL chooses to politicize the game, I can and will learn to live without it. We live w/o it 8 months a year anyway. Stop lying to yourself that this is not a major part of the problem of drop in viewership.

  132. Juju Bees says:

    There REALLY had to be a poll for this? What OTHER reason would their be to not watch NFL??? C’Mon – Even my 7 year told knew this!!

  133. Hal McKee says:

    Ruth S. echos my exact feelings. Bye Bye NFL.

  134. faxedreceipts says:

    If we had a real leader in the White House, he would shame those fools for their ignorance, and for lack of a better word, obtuseness. Unfortunately, Barry Obama likes to think he is in for the cause and turns the other cheek on these dopes as he believes we are living in the Jim Crow era. Having Obama as our president, especially when it concerns racial issues, is like appointing Karl Marx head of the NYSE. It just doesn’t work, but then the stupid American Obama voter doesn’t work either (figuratively/literally

  135. Ann says:

    Isn’t this the same NFL that promotes gun control?
    Sponsors offensive half time shows?
    Charges up the kazoo for tickets ?
    Then wants to grope you down when you as you attend the games after paying out the kazoo for those tickets?
    A corporation that promotes racial bias and hires black men in a proportion highly disproportionate to the general population ?
    And allows these millionaires to express their personal political opinion on the job while representing the NFL, a feat the ordinary American would be fired, immediately, should they attempt?
    Now America is finally waking up ??

  136. kirk kahler says:

    I am a big football fan well that all changed with what they are doing ! I no longer watch any of the games and have gone as far not t buy any thing that is sponsored !! I will no longer give any support of any product that is linked with football and till they stop doing this and give the American people an apology I will not watch football or be any bar restaurant or any were a game is playing !!!

  137. John Wilson says:

    The NFL deserves all this, with all their social nonsense.

    NBA also…

    Any time the left gets their hooks into something, it goes into decline.

    Sort of like America…

  138. ricardomaxwell says:

    I hope the NFL collapses under the weight of its own PC pandering bs. We do not need one more NFL stadium paid for with taxpayers dollars while ignorant multi millionaires throw temper tantrums like kindergarteners.

  139. bumptis says:

    Football players are at work when at a game. They have no 1st Amendment rights at work. If they want to protest they should do it on their own time.

  140. Paul Gore says:

    I hope the NFL folds then the players can take a knee on the street corners selling drugs.

  141. roadsterred says:

    The NFL is celebrity and entertainment just like Hollywood. If you allow politics to enter the picture, the celebrity and entertainment disappear.

  142. Richard K says:

    If the NFL is stupid enough to have the Super Bowl on a Sunday I don’t trust them to get ANY big decision correctly!!

  143. Deserttrek says:

    gave them up long ago and never regretted it,

  144. It’s only started. The number joining the boycott is going up every day.

  145. Freeland_Dave says:

    Duh, they really needed a poll to tell them this? I guess the NFL is a lot dumber than I originally thought.

  146. D.W. says:

    When this all first started I thought to boycott the NFL for the actions of one or two individuals was silly. And then Goodell came out in defense of “individual rights” with respect to a “team” and “franchise” endeavor. So Goodell convinced me to turn it off from that point forward.

  147. texasbred1937 says:

    Who cares? I sure as hell cannot support the federal tyranny under which we live today.

  148. Breadtruck says:

    To the shock of absolutely no one, NFL ratings are down when the league allows it’s players to blatantly insult the sensibilities of a large majority of it’s paying customers. Net revenue from the BLM for the league this year? Thought so.

  149. This is dumb. Why aren’t any of these articles stating the obvious. Live TV viewership across the board is down roughly the same percentage as the NFL is. Um, hello?? Why do they insist this is special to the NFL and then go looking for reasons to fit that narrative?

    No doubt Kaps little tantrum is having some EXTREMELY small effect as well as the Presidential election and some of the other things, but it’s nowhere near the level that they are making it out to be. Probably like 2% of the reason.

    It’s simple folks. Every year that goes by people are watching less and less live TV. It just happens that for whatever reason (netflix, amazon prime etc) made a big surge this year into our habits. Like everyone else, the NFL will need to figure out how to get their product viewed in our new world of television consumption.

  150. I can either watch a bunch of feral, street negroes with tats play sissy “sarcastiball” and dis the country I served in uniform to protect….or, I can watch nice, patriotic, white people play golf and drive stock cars.


  151. George Taylor says:

    Even though they won’t admit it, the GOP is the cause of Donald Trump. The same is true of the NFL, they are the creators of this problem. They deliberately set up a marketing relationship with the American Armed Forces. Pre game ritual has included large patriotic ceremonies far beyond the simple playing of the National Anthem. We love those Air Force, Navy and Marine fighter aircraft flyovers. We all cheer when the Army parachute team jumps into the field. The NFL trots out military honor guards, choirs and veterans. We unfurl huge American flags that cover the entire field, we give the fans red, white and blue placards that they hold up on cue that turns the entire stadium into Old Glory. And if you’re watching from home, it’s obvious that U.S. Armed Forces recruiting is a major advertiser on NFL games. So NFL, after all that patriotic brainwashing, when your players go off the reservation, there is going to be blowback.

  152. Citizen Survivor says:

    I would NEVER patronize ANY business that disrespects our Nation. Or any business that displays the NFL logo.

  153. bob w says:

    Please, please, if you are still watching the NFL boycott it for life. Show the world you have a pair and love this country enough.

  154. James McGill, ESQ says:

    Imagine every Sunday you went to dinner at a restaurant. And then one day your waiter came up to you with a US flag and wiped her nose with it. Would you go back to that restaurant ever again? I sure wouldn’t. And that’s what the NFL’s employees did. And that’s why I’m never going to give the NFL another dime of money or a minute of my time.

  155. DocScience says:

    I am sure the NFL could reconnect to middle America if it replaced its cheerleaders with cross dressing drag queens.

  156. Anti-American players like Kap are a big turn off but the league has done such a terrible job messing the game, pussifying it to almost like gentle tackle soccer which is pretty lame a sport to begin with. “Targeting”, no helmet to helmet, moving up the kickoff spot to reduce returns, etc. Toss this in with extended commercial breaks every way possible and the game has become boring and almost unwatchable. The NFL use to be the most exciting sports brand around but the leadership has done such a terrible job they are to blame for the games downturn in popularity. What’s with the league going limp wristed and allowed the sport to turn into political statement? Simply make a rule and if a player is disrespectful to America, suspend them a game without pay. They will show respect again VERY quickly and will have other outlets to protest. Give us back the sport we want or continue to lose fans and money, lot$ more of it!!!

  157. TruckinMacK says:

    Rush Limbaugh brought Conservative politics to ESPN and was fired for being political. Kaepernick brings arch Liberal politics to the football field and the NFL supports his right to do so.

    Good bye NFL. I knew you when you were great. Not even Donald Trump can make you great again, though I do not expect you to let him. Once you dedicate your business to Liberalism, it takes over just like the mafia. The only thing left is a fire sale.

  158. ross williams says:

    Kaepernick almost single handily has cost the NFL and their networks millions of dollars. The irony is that he is a has been quarterback on his way out of the league.

  159. mark kelly says:

    The NFL has been making Racism a big part of its show. The Beyonce Super Bowl halftime and the slap on the wrist treatment of Black agitators is intentional. Kaepernick wouldn’t be risking all that money is his actions weren’t pre-approved if not sponsored. The people who are leaving are overwhelmingly White and well heeled…The Democrats want football to fail and then be replaced by Soccer, a sport that requires little upper body strength…

  160. RN says:


    The Angry Losers still have their tractor pulls, their NASCAR, and their pro rasslin. They are NOT being oppressed. It is no fault but their own if they can’t get a decent job anymore without a college education. If they had gotten one when interest rates were low and the GI Bill was still a viable deal — until Dubya CHANGED that — they would have one less thing to whine about.

    Mostly they don’t like the evidence all around them that THEIR version of Murka is no longer the dominant paradigm. I’m glad America has changed away from what THEY like.

    I am heartened by all the veterans who have spoken up in favor of Colin Kaepernick’s right to freedom of expression. He is demonstrating against TARGETED, SYSTEMATIC, PREDATORY police practices against ALL but especially minorities in America, and he is being joined by hundreds of college and high school athletes all across the America. GOOD.

    This article is quite suspect because it lists half a dozen other reasons for not watching the NFL, all of which are about as big a factor, per the poll, as the National Anthem controversy.

    And the Angry Losers get most of their exercise lifting cans of cheap beer and flapping their jaws about “becoming a patriot” — code words for assassination — when Hillary is elected..

    They need to go vote for Trump, and then go straight to Hell.

  161. David Helin says:

    Yes, I no longer want to watch an ESPN/ABC-broadcasted NFL game for this reason.I also disconnected ESPN from my cable package.

  162. Jeff says:

    The NFL is so screwed up they won’t admit that’s the reason for the decline. They came out a couple weeks ago after doing their own polling and said the disrespect of the flag wasn’t the reason. It is the reason this article is right! I stopped watching and a lot of my friends have to….there’s life after football.

  163. Valerie Tomasich says:

    What is being skipped is that there has also been a negative impact upon theatre box office sales on motion pictures in general – and I tend to believe that this is due to so many movies becoming laden with “politically correct” under-themes. People are reacting to being forced to drag their ongoing social pressure points into the places where they would just rather escape into “get-away” entertainment.

  164. mike6080 says:

    Looks like the NBA wants to follow , so be it . Another boycott to lose millions in advertising , now the salarys can come way down .

  165. The NFL lost their cajones a long time ago. It became ever more politically correct which is the death of every institution.

  166. SantaFeSteve says:

    Who wants to watch Traitors (or people too stupid to know that their actions appear to be acts of Traitorism even if that is not their intent) insulting the United States? No revenue for the NFL or NFL Advertisers as long as the NFL enables Traitors (or people too stupid to know what their actions appear to be). Same goes for ESPN and Anti-White Racists like Bomani Jones. That guy is insane. He needs some medical help. But who wants to listen to his bitter rants?

    Vote with your pocketbook. Bring the NFL down. The game is great. Most of the players are great. But there are a few bad apples and I am not paying to watch Traitors taking a knee.

  167. Patchy says:

    In other words, the survey directly contradicts what Goodell, the NFL and its shills at ESPN have been claiming from the start. ESPN talkers in particular, along with the usually sensible Dan Patrick have been openly ridiculing those who have tuned out – which will hardly convince those fans to return.

    As usual, a bomb-thrower like Kaepernick wants attention but he can’t tell you what his terms of victory might be – assuming he has any in the first place – that would cause him to cease and desist.

    The writer and others can’t resist high minded talk about rights but they seem to ignore the fact that Kaepernick is at WORK ie he is an employee. McDonald’s workers don’t wear campaign buttons. Clerks at Nordstrom don’t carry picket signs. Employers can establish any policy they like in an at-will employment arrangement.

  168. Pauly says:

    It’s deplorable!

  169. James Dunham says:

    Fix it or lose all your viewership.

  170. HeftyJo says:

    All the more reason to switch over to watching hockey. Coaches have openly said they won’t put up with any of this Anthem protest BS. And the NHL had no problem with the Dallas Stars paying tribute to the fallen Dallas police officers with a decal on the back of their helmet.

  171. mikey0 says:

    Just an ‘n’ word being an ‘n’ word.

  172. Kim Jernigan says:

    The NFL wanted to pay the price for freedom so let them pay.

  173. The disrespect is part of my reason for not watching…a large part of it. I also don’t like all the commercials, the flagging of everything under the sun, and the boredom of the so-called ‘pro offense.’ But, the disrespect of my beliefs in my own living room is something I don’t feel like paying for.



  174. Prelusive007 says:

    Wow. Big news…. big revelation by the “NFL”. . . . . Americans are patriotic! Who’da thunk it?

    Of course that’s why we’re boycotting the NFL. If the NFL can boycott our flag and national anthem; we will boycott the NFL.

    Seems just about right to me . . . . .

  175. Jan Den says:

    The NFL will disagree with this. According to all I’ve read, the reason for falling viewership is too many games being televised, resulting in over saturation, too many commercials, MLB play-offs, big names have retired, etc. The NFL said the protests had no effect on viewership. I didn’t hear anything about viewers and fans being turned off by a group of over paid players who have been arrested for rape, domestic violence, dog fighting, DUIs, robbery, etc. To top it off, last week a player received a one-week suspension for hitting his wife or girl friend, but Tom Brady got a 4-game suspension for deflating a football. The protests have been the last straw at our house.

  176. The Guy says:

    Ok, normally I do not make “comments” in an articles section but I just can’t et this one go. IF the NFL would have done what the NBA has done then there would not be an issue. The NBA has a rule that all players have to stand for the anthem and can not do anything else or they get fined. NFL could have stepped up and said the same thing, but didn’t. S sorry but I canceled my subsection to NFL Ticket and all other NFL things to let them know how I felt. SCREW’UM!!!!

  177. TCA says:

    Whites are tired of google bull$hit

  178. The polling methodology was badly flawed. They should have found 850 adults that had AC TUALLY QUIT watching the NFL this year and asked THEM.

    A lot of the 850 who they asked are probably still watching and they have not a clue why the others quit. All they know is that whatever the reason, it was not enough to cause them to quit.

  179. Jack Kennedy says:

    its called……………………..backlash against the black professional grievance/victimhood

  180. ImYup says:

    I won’t watch a single NFL game this year because of the Kapernick effect. I won’t do it! NOPE!

  181. I won’t come back until that left-wing pansy Roger Goodell apologizes and resigns. Maybe he can turn around viewership by declaring that henceforth November will be Cervical Cancer Awareness Month.


  182. jenny says:

    The smartest minds in the NFL haven’t figured this out yet.

    1. I can just image the NFL brass sitting around a huge table explaining to each other how the results of this survey should not be taken seriously “because everybody hates the flag, right?”.

  183. Why on earth would you feel the need to have Bob Costas’ school me up on how evil guns are? Why would I ever want to listen to a multi-million dollar quarterback whine about anything? I thought this deserved reposting:

    Charles Lee Ray…
    “Obnoxious players, anti white racists, thugs, bullies, drug users, gang members, thieves, perverts, cheaters, women abusers, and a Napoleon commissioner who has his head stuck up to his chest. Idiotic announcers, women in locker rooms, and totally obscene salaries and bonuses. Billionaire owners stiffing the public for sky high ticket, parking, food & drink prices. Taxpayers getting stuck for new stadiums, repairs, and upgrades. Lousy officiating. Then there’s a growing encyclopedia of idiotic rules, time outs for TV commercials, and reminding everyone of cancer on game day. Moving right along – NFL Products price gouging, the anti-Second Amendment stance, and “celebrating” the “gay lifestyle”. And now, disrespect for the American flag. FLIP THE CHANNEL.”

    One of the few things left to respect about the NFL was JJ Watt and now he’s out. I’m out too. I’m capable of doing without professional football permanently. There’s plenty of worthwhile things to do instead.

  184. Stickman says:

    All pro sports is just a diversion to keep people busy and not invest the time in themselves and their families.

    Anyone who watches these games is denying themselves and their family a better life.

    Imagine if you took all the time anyone spends watching these games and instead took a college or training class. Read a book to your child, cleaned out the front yard, fixed the car, painted the house, wrote a letter or email to your mom or dad, etc…. Professional sports is just another way people escape from their own reality.

    People say the American dream is dead. I say it’s been ignored, shoved to the back of the closet, buried in the back yard. Instead of pursuing the dream, people waste their lives on mindless dribble. So all those groups of people you want to blame for your failures is nothing but self-delusion. Turn off the TV, engage life. To quote a line from a poem, “Participating in prosperity puts poverty in perspective.” (Eric Gray, “The Nature of Man”)

  185. jrobinson says:

    This is the problem with leftists; they assume that every single place they go in public is merely an opportunity to engage in virtue signaling about the Howard Zinn view of America they all share. And since they are all deeply embedded in their groupthink, and everyone *they* know believes that BS…they are surprised when they find out that the majority of people don’t share their views. ooops!

  186. Leo says:

    I quit watching most of the NFL and discovered I can read a book vs one to two games and have been back to reading a lot more which leaves me with more benefits than watching overpaid thugs disrespecting the USA.

  187. Jeff Sherman says:

    I’m still watching the Falcons, but I won’t watch the other games. Screw it. My wife appreciates it, and I’m getting more shiite done around the house. Eff these flag burners!

  188. The NFL are American teams playing an American game by American players who are protected by American cops and American military. Their salaries are paid by Americans. They are in the top 1% of American wage earners. The American flag represents all of this. It is more than just a rag, it is a symbol of America. When you disrespect the symbol of America, you are “symbolizing” your disrespect of everything American. These idiots disrespected me, my kids, my wife, my job, my relatives, and my friends. Why in the hell would I want to watch them play a GAME? Why would I cheer for them? Why would I spend my time and money on them. Screw them. I’ll play catch with my son or go to a movie.

  189. Screw the NFL!!!!! My entire family and friends are so disgusted by the kneeling we turned it off for good!!!!!

  190. Dave Sweeney says:

    if these POS couldn’t catch a ball while being hit in the head by a baseball bat, most of them would be in jail NFL+ national felon league

  191. The NFL’s inability to ban this stupidity is the last straw for me. What’s next allowing these spoiled ignorant brats to set flags on fire on the sidelines?! Goodelll’s no Rozelle otherwise this would have all ready been reeled in.

    Free Speech? YES. On your own time and on your own dime b!tches.

  192. Rich Simpson says:

    i stopped watching the nfl years ago. since they turned into a platform for SJW’s and have watered down the game i just cant stomach it. i tried watching again last season and happened to turn on the game right as a team was punting from their 10 yard line. a speacial teams player broke through the line dove to block the ball and missed it by maybe an inch, maybe, at which point he knicked the kickers foot and was called for roughing the kicker giving that team a first down. if thats called why do they even let people try to block the punt anymore cause u either have to 100% block that punt or your getting a crazy penalty that can change the outcome of the game. drove me up a wall and i had to turn it right back off.

  193. Robert Frank says:

    If I want to watch an overpaid failure insult my country, I’ll watch President Obama.

  194. Abdul Keddou says:

    I’m boycotting the NFL until they start fining or suspending filthy traitors like Krappernick who support racist hate groups like Black LIES Matter. BLM is built on a lie because filthy violent thug Michael Brown NEVER had his hands up and NEVER said “Dont shoot.”

  195. It’s called pi$$ing in your own Post Toasties where I’m from…

  196. Will David says:

    won’t do ANYTHING NFL..OR it’s advertisers…taking a stand against the knee..screww all of them..INCLUDING goodell and the 49ers owners

  197. Mike says:

    I’m done with the National Fascist League.

  198. John Ruff says:

    1. College is much more exciting and real
    2. Pro ball is just not that interesting any longer. When Johnny U, Bart Starr, YA Tittle, Bobby Lane, etc played, it was competitive and they played like they loved it and lived to play. It is not that way any more – $$$$ have ruined the game – not saying they should not be fairly compensated but FB is a temporary endeavor, not a career for 90+% of the players.
    3. With all the injuries and now the real facts coming out, I seriously doubt that any parent will let their child play within 10 or 15 years. What parent would sign up for their son to suffer from brain damage, knee, leg and arm injuries that will cause serious problems later in life and limit mobility?

  199. Jay Johnson says:

    That little bench warner doesn’t have a thing to say that interests America moving right along!

  200. It is not simply the kneeling or fist-raising based on one of the genuinely stupid reasons possible.. People are turned off that Commissoner Goodell, a man who suspended Tom Brady 4 games for allegedly taking air out of a football and won’t hesitate to fine a player who wears the wrong color shoelaces, refuses to punish Kaepernick and the other worthless copy-cats for their middle-fingering of the flag. They should be suspended without pay one week for every infraction,, then it would stop

  201. Maybe people should show their love for our history by singing the national anthem.

  202. muneshadowe says:

    I quit watching them along time ago. To many people of ill repute and way too many commercials. I have better things to do than sit in front of the cathode ray tube watching millionaires making billionaires richer while celebrating every down.

  203. The very liberal Roger Goodell is responsible. He should be fired and replaced by a man.

  204. Jay Brown says:

    No Sh?t Sherlock!!! Any grade school kid with one course in logic could have told NFL that’s the main reason for ratings tank! But, the PC crowd probably conned them into $100,000 survey hoping it was because NFL didn’t have more female refs or gay players!!

  205. I’ve virtually cut TV out of my life and haven’t watched professional sports game since earlier this year. It’s impossible to find a channel where they weren’t trying to sell an agenda. Bearing the bad humor along with the politics was too much. I can’t stand these corporate networks – all globalist, greedy pigs.

  206. The NFL and the press have been telling us all along that this has nothing to do with the protests, yet bang here it is. Yet still they won’t own it. Cognitive dissonance or outright propaganda?

  207. mrsugs says:

    NFL is led by a political correct person. The NFL is big business with a very seamy underbelly and many cover ups. People are waking up…

  208. Bob Suyak says:

    This what happens when fools try to replace National in NFL with something else.

  209. Joe Joes says:

    I agree I’m not going to pay money to go to a game and I have no desire to watch any team that shows disrespect like this.

  210. Joe Joes says:

    Speaking of teams…Take Action!
    We should demand that the election be postponed until Hillary is found guilty or incident of the charges against her. How can we vote with this looming FBI cloud over the election? We can’t vote for someone that’s not qualified to hold the office or for someone about to be convicted.

  211. Sherry Gee says:

    I never would have believed our family would stop watching football, but it has happened. My husband, myself, our adult nephew and his family have all stopped watching football. We are all big time sports fans and watch baseball, football, basketball and boxing every season, every game. We cheer on ever play. The women are as fanatic about it as the men. So its been a big shock to me that we all agreed, without even discussing it first, that we would boycott the NFL this year. When they get rid of Kap (the quarterback for the team we rooted on for the last 35 years) and lay down the law about respecting our flag and anthem, then we’ll start watching again. My nephew burned his Kaepernick jersey, videotaped it, and posted it on Facebook – it went fairly viral, getting tens of thousands of views. Our men are military veterans and they are NEVER going to watch their flag and anthem get disrespected.

  212. Jim Mackin says:

    These players have a right to protest anything they want. They don’t have a right to play for an NFL team. The owners through the league office and the collective bargaining agreement have the right to direct their employees. It is high time they did so. People want to see football, not half-baked social commentary. If management doesn’t take control, the downward spiral will continue.

  213. These NFL players, WHEN THEY ARE AT WORK, should leave their politics at the door. I’m watching a football game, not a political event. Since Kapernick took his knee at work, I haven’t and will not watch a football game. The NFL should take a position against this behavior while their players are at work. If the players want to do this form of protest on their own time WHEN THEY ARE NOT WORKING, fine. But, don’t provide a social distraction during a GAME which you all are very well paid to provide us our weekend entertainment. Ultimately, you all will pay the price in salaries, endorsements, etc. So, keep it off the field. PROTEST ON YOUR OWN DIME, NOT OURS. I hope to be a regular supporter soon—if the NFL has the balls to enable this policy.

  214. Keeps getting better by the day! I’ve always hated corporate…uh, commercial…uh, “professional” sports, but now they’re self-eradicating. Fantastic news, boyz, keep up the kneeling down. You can keep your millions if you’ll just promise to kill that golden goose so we no longer have to put up with it. Much gratitude here. Onward!

  215. Boycott the NFL.

    Do something good with your family instead of watching overpaid brats. Create something, fix something. Learn something. Love somebody.

  216. Jim Rossi says:

    Hit them where they live,the pocketbook. Write a letter, NOT an e-mail, to the advertisers .Say I used your product,but due to your support of the NFL and the lack of respect they have allowed to be shown to the National Anthem,I can only assume your corporation agrees with it .I will no longer purchase your product .

  217. Ken Pelkey says:

    Yes, but the dumbsh..s at ESPN and the NFL owners are afraid to admit what we all know. If you football players want to be political while you make your millions, then screw you and your game. I love my country and I can find other things to entertain me.

  218. Kaepernick has no right to protest anything while he is on the job wearing an NFL uniform. It is detrimental to the interests of the employer and his ability to perform his job (which includes not acting in such a manner as to reduce his financial value to his team. The fact that he is an ignorant and disrespectful idiot who has been manipulated by a false narrative meant to promote racial animosity for the political benefit of the Democratic Party makes him tragic and pathetic

  219. Bryan Mason says:

    They are so concerned about police shooting blacks…and in most cases when the black is breaking the law…but completely indifferent to the vast majority of blacks shooting other blacks. Police shootings account for about .01 percent of all gun deaths by blacks…and THAT’s the problem? People are sick of it and letting them know by not supporting the NFL.

  220. Lulua Mahalo says:

    W all KNOW the real reason. It didn’t take a poll.

    Americans are tired of the disrespect and shenanigans of players, CNN and NFL.

  221. LOL, I had one guy who tried to argue with me the protests couldn’t possibly have anything to do with this. He was a leftist of course and so the disrespect shown by these over paid prima donnas didn’t bother him. I told him that I would not watch or have anything to do with the NFL again until these brats were disciplined properly. BTW, NFL, I won’t be buying tickets for any of your games or buying any of your merchandise until you correct this problem. I simply don’t need you or the overpaid brats you coddle!

  222. Mike Austin says:

    What kind of clown needed “a poll” to tell you this? Wait, let me guess the morons that run The NFL and the morons at ESPN?

  223. Churyl Minne says:

    Actions have consequences, plain and simple yet it is too hard for the NFL to admit that this foolish political statements have no business on the playing field. Then to top it off, throw in product dilution by having too many “special” games, way too many commercial breaks etc. and you have a horrible product that folks are starting to just ignore.

  224. Jack Frey says:

    Not sure if this is feasable, but if one or two smart attornies, excuse the oximoron, advertised to all the small bars who spent thousands to place big screen TVs in their businesses to entice more fans to their establishments to watch 13 games each Sunday, Order their food and spend money on libations, play pool, throw darts until their game came on have lost big money since so many people are no longer watching the NFL, could file a class action suit against the RG, the NFL owners for supplying a poor product. Follow the money. For the past five years I have gone to my favorite pub on Sunday afternoon to watch my team and a few others, eat their food and drink my drinks. This year I have not watched one game.

  225. “In some circles, Kaepernick’s protests have actually had the opposite effect, sparking discussions over the national anthem and patriotism rather than the issue that he wishes to raise awareness of among citizens, police violence against African-Americans.”

    Duh… thats because Kaperncik’s point is bogus. Statistics do not support the idea that there are any more such incidents now than in the past, Furthermore many of these incidents (NOT ALL) were in fact examples of criminals behaving badly and getting themselves killed by police. People know this and reject BLM and reject Kapernick as well.

  226. Greg Baxter says:

    I haven’t tuned in to an NFL game this year. I’m incensed when a star singer, athlete or actor uses their pulpit to preach to me or express their outrage over whatever offends them this month. We didn’t pay to see you express your political views. I doubt you’d care about mine either. You have that right? Ok, so my right is to tune you out. Reminder: You’re throwing a ball down a field for our amusement. We are not amused.

  227. Gary Rodgers says:

    He can protest all he wants but not at work. I can’t do that at my job nor can most people. You want to protest do it on your own time. I watch football to get away from politics. If the NFL wants to be part of the political battle they can do it without me and my family. I said good bye the first time he started this.

  228. If I want to watch politics (which I don’t) I will tune to CNN or FOX. Not going to tune to the NFL for Political BS.

  229. Karen Norton says:

    The NFL has decided to dismiss it’s fans in turn the fans are dismissing the NFL. I will never watch a game again. I also won’t buy from their advertisers.


  231. John Hurd says:

    I wonder how many ticket buyers or game watchers would be terminated if they “protested” at their job…….

  232. Tom Davidson says:

    The surprising thing to me is that this consequence of the ‘protest’ was obvious to many from week 1 – they shouldn’t have needed to wait this long and take a poll to figure this out.
    One of the main reasons NFL fans watch the games is to *avoid* nasty political controversy.
    Fans of different teams can enjoy rivalries without hurting each other’s feelings…

  233. Edwin Buck says:

    These are highly paid “CHILDREN” that are complaining the life is treating them badly. Really? Now, as long as these NFL owners allow these children to make a “STATEMENT”, it seems only fair that the rest of the population came make our statements.

  234. I PAY to watch the NFL on DirecTV – I am NOT paying to watch some POS disrespect the flag that my husband died for. NFL SEASON TICKET: CANCELLED!!

  235. Ironically Kapernick was the first NFL player penalized for breaking the new NFL rule(unsportsmanlike) by using the N word at another player !

  236. John Crane says:

    Funny nobody has mentioned the retirement of Peyton Manning, perhaps the face of the league. I think the NFL will have an even bigger problem once Brady, Brees, Eli Manning & Roethlisberger walk away from the game. Other than Cam Newton (whose antics alienate some), there are no QB’s on the horizon that can replace them. Perhaps Garoppalo,Prescott? It darn well better not be another Kaepernick.

  237. Ron Gallat says:

    The anthem sit-downs were more like a “last straw” reason to abandon the NFL than a primary reason. I’ve been losing interest for years, and with the sit-downs the NFL has permanently jumped the shark.

    You watch football for the GAME. Not to see players wearing pink, listen to the estrogen-riddled Chris Berman tear up about some backstory, listen to politically correct commentary on ESPN, watch never-ending mind-numbing commercials, watch every single play overanalyzed to death under review (has there ever been a more idiotic question posed than “Did he make a ‘football’ move?”), and watching classless showboating thugs shucking and jiving after every play? Social issues have their time and place and the NFL stage is NOT it. At some point I just DON’T CARE.

  238. Troy Dynes says:

    All of the drama queens on and off the field have morphed the NFL from a sport to just another lame entertainment product. If I want to watch drama, I’ll tune-in Jerry Springer.

  239. It’s really not the players fault regarding the demise of football. It is the NFL Commissions and the teams owners fault who allow bad and disrespectful behavior from their players so people like Kapernick know they can do anything on or off the field without consequence. It’s the same in basketball too. All professional games have a character/morality problem. That is why the majority of the owners support someone as corrupt and dishonest as Hillary

  240. I.b. Freeman says:

    The kneeling players while they are in the uniforms of their employers are representative of their employers.

    Kaepernick has every right in America to free speech. The NFL does too. The NFL could if they are concerned about the message such players send simply fire him.

    The NFL has made their choice and they want to accommodate the protest.

    I have made my choice and it to boycott the prima donna players and their corporate welfare abusing owners.

  241. just think, folks – if hill gets into office, this anti-American type of behavior will be subsidized by the government…

    to save the country, Trump 2016.

  242. jkozuh says:

    Message to Kaepernick and Goodell:

    Blacks are only 13% of the US population, but commit 65% of the VIOLENT CRIMES in America:

    When is the mainstream-media going to expose this NATIONAL EMERGENCY … ???

  243. jkozuh says:

    Blacks are only 13% of the US population, but commit 65% of the VIOLENT CRIMES in America:

    When is the mainstream-media going to expose this NATIONAL EMERGENCY … ???

  244. Keith Diggs says:

    Just goes to show that there are A LOT OF RACIST WHITES IN THIS COUNTRY!!! FOk them! Don’t watch then!!!! Football doesn’t need your white ass3s!!!!

    1. Shoo, then. Go back to your ghettoball and leave normal Americans alone, you racist.

  245. you guys might want to inform the NFL, they can’t seem to figure it out.

  246. Only mouthbreathing sports people can’t see the obvious. Sheesh.

  247. NO ONE CARES. Owners have themselves to blame. greed 12.50 beers, 9.50 hot dog NFL charges the US military millions to do a flyover “. the pay for view kills it forever.

  248. I wonder if Kaepernick will ever protest the gangs who are slaughtering African Americans in droves. No, I suppose not. That wouldn’t be cool. He wouldn’t get any high-five from his thug friends if he did that. Instead he’ll stick with his “pig socks” and anti-American hate protests.

  249. A poll asking what fans think other fan’s reasons for not watching as much football is completely useless at identifying the actual reason people are watching less football. It’s wildly inaccurate, because the only thing it tells you is what fans think public perception is. It gives you zero data on whether any of these people have watched less than normal, and zero data on why they haven’t watched as much if they have decreased their viewership.

    For example, I personally think that viewership has decreased because ads have taken over games, games are inaccessible to those of us cutting cords, and games themselves are unwatchable with ridiculous calls that penalize celebration but ignore players actually getting injured. But this is only accurate because I’m someone who has cut back on what we watch. If I hadn’t cut back, I would only be *guessing* why other fans are not watching.

    This means that if this survey is a relatively accurate cross-section of NFL fans, 88% of the NFL fans polled (740 people) have no idea why other fans have stopped watching other than what they’ve heard in the news or what sounds reasonable, *because they themselves have not decreased their viewing habits*. This means that only 101 people of those surveyed actually personally experienced decreased viewing, and are the only ones that can personally attest to why viewership has decreased. This means that their statistics, all of which fall at 56% or less, are completely useless, as we don’t know where those 101 actually relevant survey takers fall.

    For all we know, NONE of the listed responses available are the reason they’re not watching as much.

    Why would anyone run such a completely useless poll?

    1. Leo Godin says:

      Thank you! This poll is silly. It is a public-perception poll. It is not a poll that tells us anything about actual viewership.

  250. As a former service member this infuriates me! Yes, we all have our 1st Amendment Right to freedom of speech, many of my brothers and sisters in arms laid down their lives for that very freedom. The average enlisted person with a family of 4 lives at or below the poverty line, while these guys are raking it in to throw around a ball. Is it to hard to show a little respect for our great nation and the many sacrifices it has taken to protect it?? Otherwise, go play ball in some other country and see if the grass is greener

  251. Frank Walker says:

    Kap acted primarily to please his new GF. She is a black Muslim activist who hates America. For Kap it was protest or lose out on important benefits provided by his new relationship. Kap, who is not much of a patriot, opted for the bennies. Course he’s not much of a QB, either. But he has proven himself sufficiently adept to take down the NFL a good bit, causing losses in the billions. Mission accomplished.

  252. I “was” a 49nr fan going back to Kaiser Stadium…not now an d I left Cali also and dont miss either or the NFL…I watch “intelligent” sports like F1 racing not these dumb ass thugs…

  253. Paul Donovan says:

    And the NFL and liberal ESPN will not even believe the poll. They would rather stick their heads in the sand than face reality

  254. CP Doc says:

    I have been a die hard NFL fan since I was a little boy. It was what you do on Sunday, you watch football with your family. Not only has the NFL turned into a very non family friendly broadcast; it certainly can no longer be called “America’s Game” when it is blatantly anti-American. From the national anthem protests (ridiculous, every team owner should have handled this the way Jerry Jones did: My stadium, My rules, you stand. Do what you want on you own time); the players are allowed to wear or support BLM on the field but not the fallen Police officers from the Dallas shooting? They can disrespect the Anthem; but not wear cleats with a reminder of 9-11 on them? The double standard is what fans find ridiculous. The games are terribly officiated, move too slow; and how do you let the “greatest game” of competition and athletic prowess ever end in a tie? A TIE? C’mon man! Like most football fans, my NFL viewing experience has dropped to a few minutes of highlights, maybe watching the 2nd half of my teams game that week, and that is it. Plenty of quality football on Saturday. Sunday is now reserved for Last Man Standing and The Walking Dead.

  255. You don’t even need a poll, just read the comments section of any story related to this subject and you will see what you see here! The NFL is in PC driven denial.

  256. Tim Maguire says:

    This Isn’t a poll of why preople aren’t watching football, it’s a poll of why people think people aren’t watching football. What I want to see is a poll that asks if the respondent traditionally watches football. If yes, then are they watching less now? And, if yes, then why.

  257. Greg Yodis says:

    I’m not going out of my way to watch it especially because of the disrespect to our country. If the NFL had instituted that whoever sits doesn’t play and doesn’t get paid … I would have watched and cheered with great interest. All of my friends and family feel the same way. We are all disgusted with the moronic behavior of these players and we don’t respect the weak willed and hypocritical leadership of the NFL …

  258. Businesses shouldn’t be surprised by the fact that normal people don’t like politics mixed with their leisure time activities.

  259. Why not let these fools demonstrate in the locker room? Sing the National Anthem before you let them on the field.

  260. Bonnie Boyle says:

    If you are boycotting the NFL; join our facebook group and join in the discussion

  261. Scott Book says:

    I was just starting to get into football, but have been totally turned off by a number of factors, two of which were mentioned in this article:

    1) Politics which has infiltrated football at every level, from the players, to the commentators, to the owners. I hate politics, so why would I watch a game that promotes it?

    2) Unpatriotic actions by the players and the owners. Disrespecting the flag is ones right, but doing so in front of me will only make me avoid you and everything you are affiliated with. That’s a fact, and nothing you can say will change my mind. I am your potential customer, but now I don’t like your product anymore, so I’m moving on.

    And so this is the great irony of this whole situation. To the NFL and its players; you are free to do what you want, but so am I. If I don’t like your “product” and what it stand for, just as you don’t like what the US Flag stands for, then I will buy a different product, or in this case, I’ll watch something else. In other words, I’ll spend my money on something more enjoyable that doesn’t offend me. And THAT is called a “free market”, one of the many great things our US Flag stands for, that you don’t seem to understand.

  262. This just in; ESPN Loses A Record 621,000 Subscribers In One Month, Per the data from Barclays’ Media and Telecom analyst, Kannan Venkateshwar. Goodbye NFL

  263. Lee Hambly says:

    The quality is down, the games are sloppy, players are not allowed to celebrate or show joy / emotion when they play, there is an election going on and the players and league are constantly bickering with each other. I don’t feel that the kneeling during the anthem has the slightest impact on the reasons that I am far less interested in football this year than years past.

  264. Bonnie Boyle says:

    If you are boycotting the nfl and want to join in the conversation please join our facebook group #boycottnfl

  265. Stan D'alo says:

    If the NFL thinks that taking away home games from loyal season ticket holders has no reprocussions they are mistaken. You can thank the International Series as a main reason many of use have reduced watching games to just our home team and that’s it.