BOSTON (CBS) — A little girl suffering from Rett syndrome is getting a special service animal thanks to caring Mix 104.1 listeners.

She is only 9, but Olivia Twigg loves everything Meghan Trainor. While she helped pick which Meghan Trainor songs to play on Mix 104.1 Wednesday morning, the hosts of the Karson and Kennedy radio show devoted part of their morning show to help her family get the service dog that Olivia needs but can’t afford.

Rett syndrome is a neurological condition that causes symptoms similar to autism and Parkinson’s, and Olivia has seizures.

“The most important thing is that it improves her quality of life so she can sleep in her own bedroom without me having to worry about seizures,” said Olivia’s Mom, Jill Twigg.

The family had raised $20,000 for the dog so far, but they were still $5,000 short. Time was running out–and if they didn’t get the money by December 31, then Olivia would lose out on the dog and have to wait 18 months for a new one to be trained.

But the listeners were not about to let that happen.

“Here is a young girl, so close, if we can’t knock this out what are we doing here?” said host Karson Tager.

Hosts Karson, Kennedy, Salt, and producer Mike took it to their listeners for help.

“If we can get this done for Olivia, what a game-changer for her,” host Kennedy Elsey said.

And just 20 minutes later, the money was all there–$5,000 raised in less than 30 minutes.

“I can’t believe the outpouring of support from our listeners,” said Elsey.

The goal is met, a service dog is secured, and a mother finally has some peace.

“I have no words,” Jill Twigg said. “This was the final piece we needed for her quality of life.”

Olivia will get her dog by Christmas–and any extra money raised will go to another family in need of money for a service dog.

Kate Merrill