BOSTON (CBS) – Transit Police arrested a Boston man accused of punching his dog inside North Station. John Bowen allegedly punched his service dog and is also accused of kneeling on the dog forcefully, then lifting it off the ground by its leash.

Witness William Miller showed Transit Police video of the incident. “He got on top of the dog with his knees on his rib cage, telling him to not move,” Miller told WBZ-TV.

Bowen, who is a level three sex offender, was arrested and charged with cruelty to animals. Inspectional Services took over from there, named the husky Sarah and brought her to Boston’s Animal Care Shelter where she will undergo medical tests.

Sarah in care of Boston Animal Control after owner allegedly punch her (WBZ-TV)

Sarah in care of Boston Animal Control after owner allegedly punch her (WBZ-TV)

“Sarah is a beautiful 9 month old Husky,” said John Meaney, assistant commissioner of Boston Inspectional Services. “She’s been treated with nothing but love and respect since she’s come to the shelter.”

Sarah is now in the custody of the City of Boston until the end of the case.

“She appears relatively healthy to us although she is limping somewhat on the hind end. And, it may in fact be from something from last night. Which is in part why we’re going to be doing the full body radiograph,” said Amanda Kennedy of Boston Animal Care and Control.

Bowen was held on $5,000 cash bail on the animal abuse case and had his bail revoked on an unrelated case out of Malden. He is next scheduled to appear in court on November 22.

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  1. Freer Huguenot says:

    He is a pos and on so many levels. Hopefully he will never get this dog back and be prohibited from owning any pet.

  2. The video proves his innocence. They should release and return the dog, drop and dismiss any charges. That is a service dog, the person is blind that is the training they receive relative to the dog. The dog ” Is Not A Pet – it is a service Dog: ! He is blind he must feel and have the dog lay and the knee over the top is normal as part of their training on how to handle their dog. The dog is as a service dog as such service dogs are heavily strict in their lives. The police dogs, and home owner dogs have far more freedom. Service dog has the least. The video doesn’t’t show anything mean unless interviews or some other thing is their they have nothing on the blind person and should release dog and apologize to him.

    1. American says:

      Defending the animal abuser and child molester? You must be a Trump voter!

      1. Really? History shows that it’s liberals (Hillary supporters) who are easy on criminals, especially sex offenders. Your comment shows your complete lack of intelligence.

  3. American says:

    I had a rescue Husky, complete spoiled jerk of a dog, but I gave it hugs instead of punches.

    Huskies damand a lot of attention.

  4. Holly says:

    This guy is terrible – he better never get his dog back or any dog. People need to stand up for animal rights more!

  5. So William Miller stood by filming instead of going over and kicking Bowen’s ass??!?

  6. Alisha says:

    I’m a current husky owner and would LOVE to give this beautiful girl a great new home!!

  7. Karen says:

    He better NEVER get thT dog back!! If you need a foster home I am available nice counter setting and she will be loved

  8. Is this person who is defending Bowen for real? This is a beautiful animal and I seriously doubt that kneeling on her and then punching her is part of training!!! This person does not deserve to have this sweet dog in his posession. Furthermore, he`s lucky I was not there because if I witnessed this I`d have my hands on his throat.

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