BOSTON (CBS) – Before the third and final presidential debate Wednesday night, I offered up three ideas about what each candidate had to do to maximize their bounce out of the encounter. So let’s review whether or not they followed my wise advice.

I suggested Donald Trump would be smart to get back to basics, the blunt promises of change in our immigration and trade policies that attracted so many voters to him in the first place. And for the most part he did that, raising the issue of illegal-immigrant crime and railing against the economic impact of trade pacts like NAFTA.

But Trump just can’t resist tacky lines like referring to unwanted Mexicans as “bad hombres.” And in their exchanges over abortion rights and funding for Planned Parenthood, Trump gave Clinton ample opportunity to cast him as someone who thinks he knows better than women do about how to manage their health.

I recommended that if and when Trump went on the attack, Hillary Clinton should avoid taking the bait, modeling poise and humility for an audience that increasingly tells pollsters they don’t think Trump has much of either quality. She did that, with just a few moments of sporadic agitation, an impressive show of discipline.

And I urged both candidates to find a way to accentuate the positive about themselves and their potential presidencies, giving voters something to feel good about after the endless months of this relentlessly toxic campaign. Both of them tried at times, but Trump was on the attack so much, he had a tougher go of it.

So there you have it, your major-party choice on November 8th. Good luck in the voting booth.

Jon Keller

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  1. hocuspocus13 says:

    If by chance your anywhere near the internet 😉 you may want to jump on it to hear the chatter of the American people

    Fact Checking Hillary Clinton’s lies from last night’s debate

    95% of the Clinton foundation donations goes directly to aid

    That one is my favorite Hillary lie of the 3rd debate

    The truth is only 5.7% of the received donations from the Clinton foundation goes to aid

    2013 Clinton foundation tax return the foundation took in $140 million only $9 million went to aid

    The rest of the millions of dollars from the Clinton foundation went to lavish the Clinton’s lifestyle

    And the internet is ablaze

    Because last night at the debate Hillary Clinton gave out to the world the USA’s top secret information on the nuclear response time of “4 minutes”

  2. mstarvin says:

    The quietness of the MSM tells me Trump won…If they report then they may have to cover the wikileaks emails and the corruption of the Clintons.

  3. Hack Wannabe says:

    Really? All the talking heads are saying Trump won’t accept the results, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, .
    Like previous comment, Clinton Foundation is a Money Laundering Operation.
    Trump kick some serious Butt and the media won’t accept it.
    Russia is ready to go to war.
    Mid East is in Shambles, Thanks Hillary and Barack .
    OVER $20,000,000,000,000.00 in DEBT! No mention in the media.
    Economy stinks!

  4. Jock Stevens says:

    Look folks, the fact is we have two terrible candidates. Hillary Clinton is a self-serving, dishonest, classless, lying psychopath who should be in prison. Donald Trump is a misogynistic, cruel, impulsive, bullying and arrogant narcissist who would be a danger sitting next to the red button. It is such a shame, because I think it would be wonderful to have a female president, and I also think we need to address the issues of illegal immigration, and corruption in “business as usual” Washington. Unfortunately, these two train wrecks are not the answer.

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