By Kate Merrill

BOSTON (CBS) – Samsung has discontinued the sale of its fire-prone Galaxy Note 7 smartphones but it’s not the only device with safety issues.

The company is also dealing with reports that some of its washing machines have exploded during use.

Andrea Gardner of Weymouth recently learned her washing machine is among those at risk of breaking apart mid-wash and she wants the company to find a solution fast.

“This is a no-brainer folks. You get these machines out. They’re time bombs,” she told WBZ-TV.

The affected washing machines have not been recalled even after a handful of washers have broken apart during the spin cycle.

A federal class action lawsuit claims Samsung has known about the issue for years.

Samsung says the potential safety issues are related to certain top-loading machines made between March 2011 and April 2016. Samsung is now working with the Consumer Product Safety Commission to address the safety issue.

Where to find your washing machine's serial number (Image credit: Samsung)

Where to find your washing machine’s serial number (Image credit: Samsung)

In a statement Samsung said “customers have completed hundreds of millions of loads without incident since 2011.”

Until a fix is found Samsung and the CPSC recommend using the delicate cycle.

“That’s not a solution,” explained Gardner.

To be on the safe side the Weymouth grandmother is no longer doing laundry during the weekly visits from her young grandson.

“Those of us who have these have potential bombs in our laundry rooms. We just need to fix this,” she said.

Kate Merrill

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  1. mikey says:

    It’s probably a good thing the company doesn’t produce a line of cars, trucks and airplanes.

  2. Bob Oneil says:

    Yellow journalism at it’s finest. There are no explosives in these machines. The problem occurs when lazy idiots put too large items in the washer, and it goes out of balance. Why don’t you all petition the government for your “Obama Washers”, now those would have to run perfectly

    1. Vendicar Decarian says:

      Shouldn’t washing machines be designed to survive out of balance loads? They have been through all of history. Why not now?

      Was the washer sold with a disclaimer that it would fall apart if a load is unbalanced?

      If not then shouldn’t the corporation be sued for fraud?

      1. daveca says:

        Ah theres the TROLL VENDICAR DECARIAN

        Havent seen you TROLLING for a while, did you get tired of TROLLING and your TROLLING getting you banned?

    2. Matt Brooks says:

      Salami, salami, bologna. There is a Out of Balance Limit Switch in all washing machines. For you to group people in one lump group shows your intelligence, or lack thereof. Go troll where you are appreciated.

  3. jay10940 says:


    1. Vendicar Decarian says:

      Yup. Exploding. That is what I would call it when the internal basket comes detached from the interior bearings and is thrown about denting the exterior shell significantly outward and popping the top off the washer.

      1. daveca says:

        Youre not even a POOR LIAR

        Exploding means something coming OUT of hte machine. A basket, as you ADMITTED, bouncing around INSIDE is NOT EXPLODING.

        I get it you try to LIE once and get away with it, but why pathologically insist youre right when youre proven a liar?

    2. Scott says:

      Dang don’t let muzzies buy these exploding machines thats all we need! The feds will put a ban on washing machines!

  4. sue winn says:

    Samsung Refrigerators are horrible. Purchased top of line May 2013, kept freezing up. 9 repairs. Gave up, & got rid of it.

  5. Sierra7 Actual says:

    So does CBS Boston know exactly what kind of explosives were used? Did Samsung pack its washers with C4, Semtex, or TNT? You guys better get to the bottom of this caper! After all nothing else is going on that is newsworthy.

  6. Matthew Stephenson says:

    Exploding is not exactly the right term, but the general description of the end results is close enough. When the washer is spinning a load, the drum, water and clothing are in a high energy state. It is in that state, the welding on the drum fails and the energy transitions from a circular path to a linear path, destroying the machine and anything in path of the moving mass. It as nothing to do with overloading the machine – Sorry Mr. Oneil has an agenda beyond understanding the nature of the problem and the reality. Samsung has had (or has) a problem with the welds on drums for dryers for a couple of years now. Seeing the problem now in their washers is disappointing but not a surprise.

  7. BeanerECMO says:

    Re: “That’s not a solution,” explained Gardner. They’re not saying it’s a solution; they’re saying use in another mode until a solution is found. Comprehension must not be a requirement for Gardner.

  8. mjsmith9 says:

    In March 2015 my Samsung washing machine did explode. I put on a regular load of laundry and left to get a hair cut. My son called me and said the washing machine exploded and went airborne. I thought he was kidding me. When I got home the machine was in pieces. Want happen was one of the four mounting points came loose and the machine beat itself to death. I was within the warranty period and Samsung replaced the machine free of charge. I checked the new machine and noticed that the mounting points have been redesigned.

  9. Matthew Stephenson says:

    Definition of exploding: burst or shatter violently and noisily as a result of rapid combustion, decomposition, excessive internal pressure, or other process, typically scattering fragments widely.

    So yes, they will explode by definition.

  10. JLindsay says:

    My wife and I bought a tandem washer/dryer set from Lowes a few years ago, based on my past good experiences with other Samsung products. It was “on sale”, now I know why. Big mistake. The washer has in fact been a headache from the beginning and I’m not convinced that it actually cleans clothes even when running properly. It did not “explode” but it absolutely had significant problems when in spin cycles.

    It developed a serious leak in the first year and later developed a very severe out of balance condition – which was probably the cause of the earlier failure. Fortunately I had purchased an extended warranty and the two repairs have worked so far.

    The subcontracted tech came out with very differently engineered replacement parts, so it is obvious to me that Samsung knows it has serious problems.

  11. Mike Arvand says:

    Samsung needs to stop hiring muslims in the factories. Why else would everything they make explode for no good reason.

    1. Al Bundy says:

      They used to make Ford Pintos

  12. Jer says:

    Samsung french door model refrigerators are LEMONS! But the real story is that customers have been complaining and filing lawsuits for years, and yet Samsung (and Aaron’s and Home Depot) just keep selling those turds. Samsung doesn’t care. I’ll bet it’s the same story with their washing machines. I have to defrost my Samsung fridge manually every 3-4 months as a work-around. Don’t every buy a Samsung fridge. Search the net for stories first.

  13. Wallythedog says:

    My 28 year old Frigidaire is still working just fine, and still does 3 or 4 loads a week, although I did have to replace a belt on it about 4 years ago and it cost me $9 and 15 minutes of time.

  14. JoAnn Dolberg says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have our products made in America by real Americans?! Vote TRUMP and we will have them.

    1. Never trust an oompa loompa says:

      Trump makes his clothing line in China, Mexico, and Bangladesh, but none in the USA. Same with Ivanka’s clothes and jewelry.

    2. Trust the ultimate hypocrite says:

      Trump bragged about using Chinese and Canadian steel in his buildings to save money. He actually imported steel into Pennsylvania!

  15. Mark David says:

    The best large appliances are American-made. Whirlpool, GE and Maytag are the most reliable. I would not have a Samsung anything in this category.

    1. Scott says:

      Dude there made in germany not America! Nothing is made in America any more thats TRUMP whole point! TRUMP 2016 & 2020

    2. Pedro says:

      Very little Maytag stuff is made in the USA now.

  16. don says:

    watch a youtube video of what happens when someone tosses a cement block into an old washing machine.

  17. daveca says:


    They are not bombs. This lie was floated in Boston to TERRORIZE people into thinking that anything that explodes is a bomb.

    No washer is a bomb, none have explosives inside. Anything that does come loose will be constrained by the metal cabinet.

    Worked on washing machines, will not believe the LIES

  18. daveca says:


    Heres one of the washers.

    consumerreports DOT org/washing-machines/some-samsung-washers-may-pose-safety-risk/

    Does the photo look like the basket “came out , exploded and killed someone like an IED in Iraq” which is the image this Yellow Journalism is trying to promote?

    No, it broke the top loose and dented the wall. BFD…

    Yes, that washer is now junk but it is NOT an injury risk.

  19. Peter Woods says:

    Washing machines that were made 20 years ago are so much better and reliable. There are so many new regulations on something as simple as a washing machine that it is hard to keep redesigning them every year. The regulations on how much water it can use and how much electricity it can use alone make new washing machine inferior.

  20. Blabby says:

    Don’t even buy their refrigerators. Water dispenser spontaneously comes on. Flooding the kitchen several times.

    Won’t turn off. Had to shut the electrical supply and train family what to do when the water dispenser won’t shut off or spontaneously comes on.

    The module that holds it has some kind of glue leaking out or something. So, they are having trouble with their electronics, if you ask me.

  21. Amanda Hugginkess says:

    All major airlines have just announced that Samsung washing machines will now be banned from all flights both foreign and domestic. Said one spokesperson for an undisclosed airline, “Even if you make it through TSA security, if it’s discovered that you’ve brought on a Samsung washing machine, you’ll be asked to leave the plane.”

  22. Deplorable Infidel says:

    Globalization at its finest! Bring back MADE IN THE USA!

  23. Deplorable Infidel says:

    Where I come from we call that,,,’Flying to pieces’. Far from exploding.

  24. Brian says:

    buy American washing machines, they are reliable and last.

  25. David says:

    Our US made Whirlpool (StyleMaster) has operated totally problem free since its 1992 purchase. There are frequent media stories of Samsung washing machines causing house fires in Australia.

  26. Steve says:

    What is going on at Samsung? Phones blowing up, now washing machines? What are they building this stuff with, gunpowder?

  27. Paul Rodgers says:

    ROFL. A “handful” of machines failed over several years and people are panicking and demanding action? These are machines folks, and machines break. This is entirely different than the issue with the lithium batteries in their new line of phones. That does deserve action.

    35 years in the automotive profession speaking folks. Machines break and require repairs,. A handful over at least 5 years (That’s one failure per year for those who are panicking) out of how many machines? Thousands? Tens of thousands? And yes, I have a Samsung washer in my home right now.

    1. Mick Ralphs says:

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      A destiny
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  28. Chris Christie's Belt says:

    Love my Speed Queen American made top loader

  29. Debra Atlak says:

    I have been fighting for over a mont and they do nothing but give you excuses and the run around,,they say they have no answers and they are not refunding anyone.